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Hello everyone! As mentioned in the State of the Game post, we’re tackling the power creep problem head on in 2024! As we dug into these problems, we pinpointed over 100 heroes that require rebalancing to bring the game back to health.

With the sheer amount of heroes that need to be balanced, we recognize that this will take some time to fully rectify, so we wanted to get your thoughts on rolling out these fixes. Please vote below on how you would prefer to receive these hero balances:

  • All heroes balanced at once, after several months
  • Batches of heroes balanced, roughly every month, starting in February

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Note, every month for the second option is an estimate from preliminary reviews of our hero balancing plan.

Regardless of the choice you prefer, we will put in temporary fixes in January to alleviate difficulty in PvE game modes, such as banning the entire list of 100+ heroes that are not balanced properly. We are exploring potential fixes for PvP modes, but they require more time to get in the game.

As always, we truly appreciate your feedback and look forward to seeing more positive changes in DH!


Would definitely prefer it in monthly batches

Reason being that while yes, a lot of heroes could use re-balancing, it’s not to the same extent for all of them. I feel like it’d be much better to start with just the most problematic ones and then gradually fix the rest, rather than literally changing over half of the roster in a day (which might actually throw competitive players into chaos, if suddenly all they know about so many heroes is irrelevant) while also having to wait many months for it


Nerfing or buffing?


I’d assume both… right?


I’d start with Anyone released in the last couple of months lol + pegasus in first round of balancing


Yes, it would be both because some numbers are beyond what is considered healthy for the game.


There are a lot of heroes struggling that need the work escpcially in certain chapters


I would say that batches monthly would be far better, as long as it doesn’t result in those batches having to be power crept themselves to keep up with the new hero releases. That’s basically what has caused the problem in the first place with the patch season refreshes vs. new heroes, just on a much greater scale.

Obviously new heroes have to be powerful to make people want to use them, but hopefully this can be through interesting mechanics more than just stat inflation (while also avoiding the “this hero applies every buff and debuff known to mankind” that we have on a few heroes :stuck_out_tongue: ). If the balance can be kept reasonably flat over the course of those monthly balances, such that we end up with the entire hero selection being at least useable, then that would be great :+1:

We don’t want a situation where heroes balanced in batch 1 will be unusable again when batch 4 rolls around, which is what we have now.


I guess more frequent changes would be a better option just for both you and us to see the trend. If it’s not enough, too much or just right.


Just so it’s known, now that I’m aware actions are being taken, I’m probably going to be especially harsh/annoyed when the newest hero is ridiculously overpowered.

Regardless of how you go about it, please don’t fix it just to make the exact same mistakes again.

Maybe just don’t focus on nerfing, and just buff weak heroes to balance them with current meta, just more carefully.
This will just leave plenty of heroes useless.

As long as everyone is balanced, possibly the cap, and ban for the friendship campaign will be removed. Could Mr Incredible also be balanced as well?

I’m really glad PerBlue is addressing this. I’ll be happy to see some of the more “weak” heroes (cough Rocketeer cough) get some more light. Thanks @TheGrillFather !!

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First, refresh as much obsolete heroes as possible every month.
Second, give those who haven’t got refresh 1,000x stat boost and higher Emerald tiers as a quick fix while we wait for the full refresh for them.

I mean… certain stats need 1000x nerfing, not 1000x buffing.

As I see it, the “elegant balance” (at least for me) would be:

1x stats from Badges
1x stats from Red Skill
1x stats from Disk

meaning that each of the parts would make 1/3 of hero´s effectiveness.

Right now Red Skill and Disk in many of the heroes in last 3-5 Patch Seasons (minus the Wildcard one) are off from that balance, some giving as much as 1000x stats compared to Badges and that I consider the “not healthy” part of the game balancing.

So theoretically, both of the options given are possible.
I would personally do the monthly batches, but for red skills and disks of most problematic heroes that have currently trillions there I would just shave three 0s out asap.

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I see a lot of people are for the “batches” scenario.

Honestly, it does remind me too much of all the refreshes in the Patch seasons as of late. They are actually more the reason some heroes are now so strong. Continuing with batches has a chance for this to happen again. If you work for a couple of months to make sure there is a balance between all heroes I see much less danger.

Yes the current situation will last a little longer then, but we won’t have patch season refresh dangers.

That is my 2 cents on the matter :man_shrugging:

Have to be fair, the way I see the balancing work is having a certain “golden standart” character. Just pick one you think is perfectly fine and change the rest of the cast to be somewhat close to them.

I prefer the monthly batches. Because we can see what will be happening and give feedbacks if necessary

If all 100 heroes change over night, it will be total chaotic. And learning the changes will be too much for us players to do it at once :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

In my opinion, to tackle the powercreep problem, you should make all heroes:

  1. Have the same base stats (Max HP, skill power and basic damage)

  2. Have the same power growth in skills

  3. Have the same passive stats for red skill

  4. Friend disc lv scaling should be the same too

All of these above are meant for the same level and same rank of every hero. That’s way, when choosing heroes, we just need to look at their skills, which should be the most important factor. Not just some huge stat coming from boring skill set

And I don’t think you guys should nerf any hero. Just make the rest of them equally strong. This is the same as nerfing but people won’t get mad, seeing their heroes all of a sudden become weak. Trust me, people won’t be happy


In theory you’re not wrong, but in practice this would still make disk and red skill stats all that matters… not really ideal

Also if everyone had the same stats nobody would be “weak”… just a few would need some kit changes

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