Hero Guide: Blue Team

Today, we’ll be focusing on a different audience. It’s the blue team! I’m picking out random heroes to talk about!

These series of guides offer detailed tips and analysis from me.

Before you read, refer to the following legend:

Red Skills Rating:
0 stars: What kind of skill is this?
1 star: Mediocre. You may want to pass using this skill.
2 stars: Somewhat average. You can choose to consider using this.
3 stars: This skill is awesome and heavily impacts the hero! You MUST use it!

Ducky and Bunny

A plush duo who can deal heavy damage but needs some “stuffing” for their performance in combat.


White Skill: Carney Clash

Bunny pulls out an inflatable hammer and thumps it at the closest enemies, dealing damage to each enemy hit.

This skill can target melee enemies only. The skill’s damage is not high (at Red Rank) and it’s weakness is that enemies can dodge attacks.

Green Skill: Plush Rush

Bunny tosses Ducky at the farthest enemy to kick them, dealing damage to them.

This skill can target backline enemies. Again, dodges are the weakness of this skill. However, this skill deals the most damage and getting an upgrade is useful.

Blue Skill: Laser Eyes

Bunny unleashes his laser eyes, dealing damage to all enemies in front of them.

This skill’s damage is not high (at Red Rank) but is one of the duo’s best skills. Using Timon and Pumbaa’s disk increases damage done by this skill. This skill can most likely hit all enemies as I have seen before. But do clarify if I am wrong.

Purple Skill: Extra Fluffy

Ducky and Bunny heal every time they deal damage to an enemy.

This skill makes Ducky and Bunny not the first one to KO as it promises some healing in HP. Maybe consider pairing a healer with them to be safe.

Red Skill: Plush Power (:+1::+1:)

Enemies damaged by “Carney Clash” are knocked back and “Plush Rush” deals damage to nearby enemies. When Ducky and Bunny use “Carney Clash”, the cool down for “Plush Rush” is reset.

This skill offers skill power, max HP and damage dealt by “Plush Rush”.

This increases the effects of the skill other than dealing damage. But I have one question: Does “Carney Clash” reset he cool down for “Plush Rush” to its original value or does it reset to 0? Please answer my question. I bet many also wondered what it means.

  • High damage potential
  • Diverse attack patterns (The skill targets almost all enemies)
  • Great synergy (The damage dealt gives healing that is useful for Ducky and Bunny)
  • Very high durability (They have high Armor, somewhat high HP and HP regen for higher chance of survival)
  • Has Evasion (To block disables and prevent from being KOed. As Ducky and Bunny do not have tenacity, consider enhancing the stat if possible to effectively block disables.)
  • No disables (to effectively stop enemies. Can be KOed fast if not highly upgraded and/or paired with a “control” ally.
  • Prone to CC (crowd control) (If enemies have a range of disables, Ducky and Bunny will KO even faster without an ally. Consider a healer.)

I suggest that you can choose this combo:

1 HP + 3 skill power mods

Making use of Ducky and Bunny’s heal from their purple skill, increasing damage will help to boost the heal. And the amount of damage can also be increased as both skills are the best moves of Ducky and Bunny.

Friendship Disks

Ducky and Bunny has two disks, one that boosts skills and one that boosts allies. Their Timon and Pumbaa disk deals additional damage over time from “Laser Eyes” and “Carney Clash” stuns damage role enemies. The disk also gives a little boost in evasion. Overall, the damage dealt by “Laser Eyes” is useful. However, the stun is only applied to damage role enemies. But however, this can stop powerful damage enemies like Mulan. The Merlin disk gives “Support” and “Control” allies skill power, increase allies’ improved healing per support ally and attack speed per control ally. It also gives Ducky and Bunny additional basic damage. The disk is useful for Support and Control heroes on their team and gives boosts to allies. Both disks are equally good and it can be interchangeable depending on allies on team.

Pairing Allies

Ducky and Bunny can be paired with allies who give allies, specifically allies that also give stat boosts like Kristoff and Sven who gives armor and Rapunzel, reality. Given that they are in the front line, having stacks of Hardy is also important in survival due to the order of attacks. Maximus’s red skill, Hank and Dory’s Pooh disk and Rapunzel’s red skill are other such examples and the list goes on. If EVE is on their team, damage dealt by EVE, Ducky and Bunny and allies can also be increased if enemies are disabled.

Conclusion: :+1::+1::+1:

Ducky and Bunny can deal heavy damage but their lack of disables (unless applied) will affect their performance in combat.

Kristoff and Sven

The 100th hero of the game and the useful weapon of freezers.


White Skill: Troll Mend

A troll appears and heals Kristoff and allies for a HP and increases their armor for 8 seconds.

Although this skill is like a mimic of Rapunzel’s healing skill, sadly, it cannot be boosted by mod upgrades. However, the effects of this skill is useful for low armor allies like Nick Wilde, Rapunzel and Elsa, making this skill still a useful one.

Green Skill: Best Buddies

Kristoff summons his best friend, Sven, at the beginning of each wave. Sven has a max HP and deals damage per hit. While Sven is in battle, all allies gain skill power.

When Sven is KO’d, he runs across the battlefield, dealing damage to enemies he hit.

The passive effects of having Sven in battle is useful and he can also deal damage when KO’d, making him a useful summoned character who can deal damage and other effects unlike other summoned characters like Rajah, who doesn’t deal damage when KO’d. However, Sven can only be used one per wave unless Kristoff and Sven have their red skill unlocked. But overall, the effects of the skill are quite useful.

Blue Skill: Slippery Slide

Kristoff slides a block of ice across the battlefield, hitting the closest enemies in an area. Enemies hit are knocked back, frozen for 10 seconds and dealt damage per second while frozen.

This skill has many effects other than dealing damage. Enemies can be knocked back and can be frozen for up to 10 seconds because when evasion or tenacity is applied to enemies, the freeze is reduced or avoided but there is a 100% chance of being frozen, making the damage effective.

Purple Skill: Ice Harvest

Kristoff increases the duration of all allies’ freezes and slows by 35%.

This skill can also boost Kristoff himself as it is applied to all allies, making his freeze longer as he will most likely be leveled up and the skill is at the same level as Kristoff and Sven. However, allies’ freezes and slows can be increased but by a smaller amount due to their hero level not meeting the skill level fail requirement. Adding mod upgrades to this skill can increase the effectiveness of this skill, allowing allies’ to have a better chance of having a full duration increase given by the skill.

Red Skill: Reindeer Rampage (:+1::+1::+1:)

Once per wave, 8 seconds after Sven is KO’d, Kristoff can use Best Buddies to summon Sven again with a different HP.

Every 3 times Sven basic attacks, damaged enemies are frozen for 8 seconds.

This skill gives Kristoff skill power, max HP and Reality to Sven.

Although the max HP that Sven gets a second time is reduced, he now can freeze enemies, improving his attacks. Passively, Sven also gets reality, making himself take less fantastic damage. Kristoff has his max HP increased and it is useful as he usually does not have a lot of HP. Thus, if he unlocks this skill, investing in this skill is a must.

  • Boosted healing (He offers armor to allies, making it useful other than just healing)
  • Best moves + Extra effects (Sven can freeze with his basic attacks from their red skill, allies can gain skill power from Sven’s presence and their range of attacks are diverse and mostly effective.)
  • No evasion or tenacity (Kristoff and Sven can likely survive from attacks in combat due to their postioning. Plus, they have a heal so it is not much to worry However, they do not offer debuff cleanse, evasion or tenacity to block disables and debuffs. If enemies target them, they are likely to be damaged quickly, especially when they are the last standing allies in combat.)

I suggest you can go for these combos:

1 Basic Damage mod, 2 skill power mods and 1 HP mod OR 1 HP/Basic damage mod and 3 skill power mods

Increasing Kristoff’s basic damage is useful as they do not deal enough damage for a support hero. For mod upgrades, you can apply any as Kristoff and Sven have both Normal Crit and Fantastic Crit. For the skill power mods, adding upgrades to the green and blue skill increases damage dealt by their skills. For the HP mod, consider adding reality as none of their skills or disks offer reality or adding a shield for extra protection.

Friendship disks

Kristoff and Sven have 2 disks: One that heals the team over time and one slows an enemy. The Kida disk heals allies for a percent of their HP per second while Sven is in combat. If Sven falls below the same percentage as his HP, he is invincible for a few seconds. The disk also gives max HP and armor to Sven. This disk is useful as healing can continue in small bits while Sven is in combat. The Flynn Rider disk slows the “Most Wanted” enemy. The disk also gives Kristoff max HP and basic damage to Kristoff and Sven and allies. The disk can slow an enemy but it is restricted to just one enemy only. The Kida disk is usually better but do try them out before using.

Pairing Allies

It is best that Kristoff and Sven be paired with allies who can slow, like Yax, Vanellope; those that can freeze like Elsa, Frozone; or those that boost damage dealt by Kristoff and Sven like Hades (Meg disk), Elsa who can increase damage dealt as their skill is a damage over time skill.

Conclusion: :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Kristoff and Sven have useful moves, have many utilities for allies, making them a useful hero.


This guy is a little bit underrated but his skills can compensate. And he’s a special tank hero.


White Skill: Burning Rage

Hades furiously shoots flames across the battlefield, dealing damage immediately as well as damage over 5 seconds to all enemies.

This skill is useful in KOing enemies as the damage is sudden and it can KO enemies while the damage lasts for a duration.

Green Skill: It’s a Small Underworld

Hades redirects 15% of all damage dealt to allies to himself.

This skill is why Hades is considered a tank as a tank is supposed to take more damage. It could also prevents allies from being KO’d.

Blue Skill: Dismal Damage

Hades deals 1.5% more damage for every 1% HP he is missing.

This is a useful retaliation skill as Hades can deal more damage while he is low on HP.

Purple Skill: Lord Of The Dead

Once per battle, when Hades reach 0 HP, he revives and heals for a HP. Hades then scares the enemy team for 10 seconds.

The revive is usually higher than Hades’s max HP and the scare can also increase damage dealt by Hades’s white skill and basic attack other than just Hades’s blue skill. If both skills were to stack with one another (where enemies are scared while Hades has missing HP), the damage dealt will be increased by a lot. The only thing to worry is that the scare will fail. Consider boosting this skill by mod upgrades.

Red Skill: Almighty Flame (:+1::+1::+1:)

When Hades reaches 1 HP, he becomes invincible, gains skill power and redirects 50% of incoming damage from allies instead of the usual 15% for 8 seconds. This skill can activate once before he has revived and once after he has revived.

This skill gives skill power, max HP and “Burning Rage” gains initial damage.

Hades can gain up to 16 seconds of survival before he KO. He now can redirect more damage without affecting him as well due to his invincibility. This skill gives Hades a big boost in skill power, especially when the skill is active. However, even if Hades’s new damage redirection amount fails, his usual 15% is also good enough.

  • High skill power growth (To deal more damage and heal more when he revives.)
  • Useful friendship disks (Both disks benefit Hades and specific heroes on his team)
  • Damage Redirection (to let allies survive longer in combat while Hades can take some damage that triggers his blue skill.)
  • Low HP growth (At red rank, Hades usually has a lower HP, lower than his revive. The extra HP healed will be of no use unless skills that can convert it to a shield is active in the team, consider using that. Otherwise, the best, cheapest option is to get mods and keep advancing them for a lesser HP waste.)

I suggest that Hades can use this combo:

2 HP mods, 1 skill power mod and 1 basic damage mod.

To solve the extra HP problem in the cheapest way possible, get mods and keep advancing them for a lesser wastage possible. As for the skill power mod, all 3 skills are equally good. If u choose to upgrade the green skill, increasing the enemy level requirements give Hades a bigger range in redirecting damage. For the blue skill, again, Hades can effectively deal more damage to enemies with the full effects. For the purple skill, the scare will likely be applied and the heal from the revive is more. For the basic damage mod, u should probably equip at least 1 of that type because Hades’s basic damage ain’t that high.

Friendship Disks

Hades has 2 disks, one that gives tanks extra max HP the other boosts damage over time skills.

The Jack Sparrow disk gives Hades max HP and tank heroes on his team get a precent of their own max HP. This disk also solves part of the extra HP problem I discussed about earlier.

His Meg disk on the other hand gives skill power and a percent of the damage from damage over time skills is increased. This disk is useful in increasing the damage from Hades’s white skill. Other damage over time skills will show in these forms (damage per second or damage over x seconds.)

Both disks are good but you can change the disk depending on what hero combos you are using.

Pairing Allies

Any hero will do good with Hades, but heroes with a higher max HP (at least 500000 HP) are preferred to keep them in the game. It is also recommended that those that are the “beneficiaries” of Hades’s disks should be paired with him.

Conclusion: :+1::+1:

Although slightly underperforming, Hades is powerful in his own ways and unique like the damage redirection.


These guides are based from my perspectives. Use these suggestions at your own risk. Message me for any missing info.

If you wish to see more of my tips and guides, click here:



Like any other precise-less hero’s melee-ranged attacks…

Only 1 enemy…

Resets to 0…

That’s not “great synergy”

They’re as weak as an actual plush toy now…

…they have Evasion

It’s bugged right now: Tenacity doesn’t work against Kristoff’s freezes

What part of support hero do you not understand? A more valid reason would have been “So Sven can deal more damage”

I think I already knew this… because I can check the game right now and it’d say the same thing in fewer sentences

He’s in multiple lineups, what are you talking about? (Although it’s only for his red skill)

Only if you don’t max it out :roll_eyes:

More like at least…

The only skill with high SP growth is Hades’ purple skill :no_mouth:


BTW, thanks for clarifying my doubts (and other people’s doubts)



Me: Just ignore this and move on


I was wondering if you could expand your guide to five heroes as opposed to three? Because I’d use a team of five so just getting five heroes to use isn’t as helpful as it would be if you mentioned five. If you don’t mind that is.

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Lemme clarify: In S1


I was thinking about that. Cause the last guide that I did only covered. That would be a lot so I need to expand the range.

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