Hero Guide: Red Team

Today, we’ll be focusing on a different audience. It’s the red team! I’m picking out random heroes to talk about!

These series of guides offer detailed tips and analysis from me.

Before you read, refer to the following legend:

Red Skills Rating:
0 stars: What kind of skill is this?
1 star: Mediocre. You may want to pass using this skill.
2 stars: Somewhat average. You can choose to consider using this.
3 stars: This skill is awesome and heavily impacts the hero! You MUST use it!


An OP character, one of the elites.


White Skill: Rumbly Tummy

Passive: Basic attacks apply 2 stacks of sticky “Hunny” to nearby enemies.

Active: The bees come looking for Pooh’s honey. The bees sting all enemies, dealing damage and more damage per stack of “Hunny”

This skill is quite lethal in damage. The stacks of “Hunny” are also permanent as the skill does not mention that the stacks are consumed. So technically, the damage can increase per use when Pooh starts stacking more “Hunny” on enemies. You’ll understand later when you see the other skills.

Green Skill: Balloon Delivery

A balloon delivers honey to Pooh. He receives 350 energy and heals Pooh for a HP when it arrives. It also spills over as it travels and each enemy hit receives 5 stacks of “Hunny”.

This skill gives a big boost in the stacks of “Hunny” the enemy receives. This increases the damage dealt by “Rumbly Tummy” by a lot. This is also essential. While on manual, Pooh can keep stacking “Hunny” until the number of stacks is enough to KO an enemy.

Blue Skill: Honey Heal

Pooh eats a lot of honey at once, healing himself for a HP and increases his max HP.

Although this skill usually offers lower healing than the green skill (if both are upgraded to the max skill level), it increases Pooh’s max HP which is essential in keeping him alive.

Purple Skill: Sticky Sweetness
Each stack of “Hunny” slows the enemies’ attack and movement speed by 10% up to a maximum of 80%.

This skill can slow speedy attackers and the effects of this skill is further enhanced from the stacks of “Hunny” from “Balloon Delivery”.

Red Skill: Bee-line (:+1::+1::+1:)

Pooh’s “Balloon Delivery” has a 100% chance to be a super delivery, giving Pooh an additional 300 energy and a shield that lasts for 6 seconds.

This skill offers max HP, armor, and extra healing to “Balloon Delivery”.

This skill is useful and enhances the effects of Pooh’s green skill, giving Pooh up to 650 energy and a shield for protection but is also a new target.

Energy stealers can prevent Pooh from activating his deadly white skill, and the shield is a target for Shan Yu’s blue skill (where he stuns longer for shielded enemies), Rapunzel’s Jasmine disk (where shielded enemies have lesser basic damage and a percent of enemies’ damage is increased and more damage is dealt to Pooh and his allies.)

  • Self Healing + Extra Effects (Pooh not only can gain energy, he can also gain a shield.)
  • High HP and armor growth (for Protection against normal damage like all other tanks)- Useful friendship disks (Pooh can give healing to allies or apply more stacks of “Hunny”)
  • Has tenacity (To effectively reduce the duration of disables to keep Pooh alive as he can be KOed while disabled.)
  • Lower reality than armor (this is also a common problem with Tanks as their reality is usually lower than their armor. This makes them take more fantastic damage and can KO because of an all-fantastic damage dealer team.)
  • Energy stealers (Pooh’s energy could be completely stolen like Jafar, Jasmine, Robin)
  • Restricted on auto (Pooh can keep stacking until the stacks of “Hunny” can KO or kill the enemy. But when on auto, although the stacks are not consumed, the damage dealt may be insufficient to KO enemies.

The game suggests that Pooh use 1 HP mod, 2 skill power mods and 1 basic damage mod. For the HP mod, to solve the lower reality than armor issue and because Pooh has high HP, adding a reality upgrade is strongly recommended by me, especially since Pooh’s red skill does not offer reality. Adding a shield also gives an extra boost in HP, ensuring that Pooh does not KO for the first few seconds of combat. For the skill power mods, adding the upgrade for the green and blue skills improves the healing amount. And since Pooh does not have any fantastic crit, it is best for Pooh to get a normal critical as his normal crit is quite high. Getting an attack speed upgrade is also not wrong as Pooh can activate his white skill faster.

Friendship Disks

Pooh has 2 disks: one that can heal allies and another that can allow Pooh to apply more stacks of “Hunny”. Goofy’s disk gives Pooh armor, and max HP to allies and Pooh. Pooh now can also share his healing to allies for a percent of his heal. And Tigger’s disk gives Pooh basic damage, max HP to Pooh and his allies. Tigger’s disk can also give Pooh a % chance of applying 1 more stack of “Hunny” per stack of “Hunny” applied to enemies.

Pairing Allies

Pooh can be paired with heavy damage dealers, ie. Mulan, the Beast. He can also be paired with allies who give reality to Pooh ie. Rapunzel, Kevin Flynn, Slinky Dog, Maximus. Pooh can also be paired with those who enhance Pooh’s skills like Vanellope’s Dash disk where a percent of damage is increased and dealt for slowed enemies. Kristoff and Sven can also increase the slow duration to prevent speedy enemies’ attacks.

Conclusion: :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Pooh can deal heavy damage, his healing skills are effective in many ways and his “Hunny” has many purposes, making him an OP character.

Hank and Dory

A sea character, and somewhat good weapon to use.


White Skill: Crafty Camouflage

Hank becomes camouflaged for 3 seconds, blinding enemies every 1 basic attack for 9 seconds while he is camouflaged.

This skill can blind enemies while dodging attacks temporarily.

Green Skill: Inked

At the beginning of each wave, Hank and Dory swing into the enemy line, dealing damage and blinding enemies for 14 seconds with ink when they land.

This skill also makes them untargetable as they are in the air while activating this skill and enemies cannot effectively attack for the first few seconds of every wave or every fight. However, this skill is quite weak as the damage is limited.

Blue Skill: Whale Call

Dory calls out in whale, causing a whale tail to swing at enemies at the back of the battlefield. Enemies hit by the tail are dealt damage and stunned for 12 seconds.

This skill can also target backline enemies, making Hank and Dory a useful weapon as they can target the frontline and backline enemies. However, like the green skill, this is also a bit low on damage.

Purple Skill: A Bit Forgetful

When Hank and Dory are disabled, Dory forgets what just happened, cleansing them of all debuffs from herself and heals them over 6 seconds.

This skill can not only heal, it can also keep Hank and Dory alive.

Red Skill: Just Keep Swimming (:+1::+1:)

Hank and Dory and their allies have a 30% chance to dodge a study or scare and instead heal.

Hank and Dory begin combat with 2 stacks of “Hardy”

This skill offers basic damage, skill power and reality.

This skill can give Hank and Dory a headstart in combat and the passive effects of the skill power and basic damage are increased. Heals are also given at a small amount for every study or scare dodge. But however, the chance of this occurring is lower than 50%. Thus, if using this skill is a must, upgrade it frequently to increase the rewards of a study or scare dodge.

  • Mixed Disables (Blind + Stun)
  • Self-Healing + Extra effects (debuff cleanse)
  • Useful Friendship disks (I’ll explain in detail later)
  • Has evasion (to block disables)
  • Vulnerable Positioning (They are at the front line and can be targeted the most and can KO fast)
  • Low HP growth (This also makes them a target)

If you are following my suggestions, which is 1 HP or 1 basic damage mod and 3 skill power mods.
If you’re equipping a Basic Damage mod, it is best not to use a fantastic crit upgrade as Fantastic crit is not in the stats that Hank and Dory have. An attack speed upgrade however is good as Hank and Dory can activate their white skill earlier and KO enemies faster.
And for the 3 skill power mods, add all the upgrades to each of them as the skills are all useful as it either increases damage dealt or increases Hank and Dory’s purple skill heals them.

Friendship disks

Hank and Dory have two disks, one that gives “Hardy” when they use “A Bit Forgetful” and the other deals more damage to disabled enemies. Pooh’s disk gives Hank and Dory max HP, max HP to Hank and Dory and their allies and allies receive 2 stacks of “Hardy” when “A Bit Forgetful” is activated. The cooldown for “A Bit Forgetful” is reduced by a few seconds. Whereas Rafiki’s disk gives Hank and Dory and allies basic damage and disabled enemies take in more damage by a percent. If you are going with my suggestion for mods, the Pooh disk is a better choice. Pooh’s disk give extra effects so using his disk is a better option.

Pairing Allies

Megara is a good choice as she can link with Hank and Dory (provided they are the frontmost ally). Rapunzel’s Green skill can provide them a boost in their reality stat temporarily and her red skill can give them boosts (again, provided that they are the frontmost ally)

Conclusion: :+1::+1::+1:

Although somewhat vulnerable to big attacks and they are on the front line, they provide useful buffs for themselves and allies and the disables from their skills compensate for their vulnerability to KOing.


With effect from this guide, all red skills will be rated by me on how good it is. 3 meaning that you must use, 2 means it’s average and 1 means it’s mediocre.

I forgot to review this. Anyways…

I don’t see a point in using Manual on Pooh. The more damage, the better. And the active’s damage is constantly increasing. You said it yourself.

Uh, no. This 650 energy can help trigger Pooh’s active immediately. As far as I know, Pooh is the only hero who depends solely on their active to deal massive damage that can KO Eeyore 1v1, and Eeyore is a massive energy drainer.

Heh heh heh heh no.



“The game suggests”

Don’t take advice from the game for the game, please.

Yes. Give normal crit to hero that only deals Fantastic damage. It’s like equpping fantastic crit mods to Dash, a Normal damaging hero :man_facepalming:

Not for synergy :neutral_face:

No, the damage boost is only for her. You mean Finnick (Ju).

What’s the point of extending the length of slows if it is already permanent?

You’re not gonna talk about how weak this skill is?

No, it only targets heroes in the backline. Midline, maybe. But you could have made a valid point here: Use knockbackers.

That’s it. Have a nice day.


Some notes have been taken and I edited it. It is true. And thanks for your critical feedback. I actually noticed as well… :sweat_smile:

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