New hero guides, tips, Q&A and secret hacks

Hello everyone! I am @Prince_Tamatoa_III, back with a hero guides, tips 1.1! I’ve heard your words and now I’ll release a new topic and we’ll discuss things in a new way! Here are the following features available in the new updated topic:

  • Choice of hero to cover for guides (Majority will be chosen after a few days of voting)

  • Secret hacks will be given to everyone now! (Previously, only members can look at them.)

  • Polling for many tips, heroes to focus on, who to choose as defense and many more!

  • Special chat channel allocated for editors and writers for those that like to share

  • Role reversal where I can be a teacher and so can you! (It means the conventional tradition is reversed ie. A son taking care of Mother)

These are the whole list of updates and will take effect from 1 September, 5PM GMT/12PM ET/9AM PT.

There’s always room to improve. Share your comments about missing information, things to improve on etc. and offer help to be rewarded. You are my sun! You are also the guiding light for me! I sincerely hope that with these new updates, will bring in good responses. Thank you for your time and help. I hope that these new guides benefit you.

Prince Tamatoa III

Guides of mine:

Team Guide

My Own Team Guide (Part 1)

My Own Team Guide (Part 2)

Hero Guide: Red Team

Hero Guide: Blue Team


Hero Guides: New Additions (Part 1)

Hero Guide: Red Team


Tips on heroes

Prince Tamatoa Tips (Part 1)

Prince Tamatoa Tips (Part 2)


You’ve stepped up and really made some improvements. Glad to see you will do heroes people actually like to know about!


Yes I do! I genuinely care for everyone. That’s why the updates are to suit their needs


Okay, please just use the same post! Making these guides isn’t bad. And the guides themselves are not. But you are spamming.


This is an improved version. And next thing is that my work is messy at the last topic that I made and some of them asked to rearrange the guides that I write. So I’m rewriting them cause there will be too many posts and whatever stuff. See the channel to know what I mean.
Here’s the link if you wish to see the state it is in:

Reword them in the same topic please!


Who do guys suggest I use for war defense? (Pick one from every row)

Red Team

  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Simba and Nala
  • Gerald, Marlin and Nemo
  • Hank and Dory
  • Huey, Dewey, Louie

0 voters

Blue Team

  • Cheshire Cat
  • Ducky and Bunny
  • Bo Peep
  • Kristoff and Sven
  • Evil Queen

0 voters

Yellow Team

  • Randall
  • Sally
  • Colette
  • Mulan
  • Nick

0 voters

Why does this matter? The amount of rockets she’s used has never changed. Yet she’s still meta.

Because it seems like the damage isn’t much based on the observation that I made


You can’t be serious. You just… can’t.

Seriously. My Mulan is only at Orange+1 and can only deal 83,286 damage with her white skill. I’m just stating if we should worry about this or not lah.

That’s still a lot for an O1 hero :neutral_face:

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Is that so? I didn’t know. 🤷

Nope. Mine is O3 and in Arena with calling once she deals 1 Million damage… So I don’t know why his Mulan deals so little damage

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I said for O1 :eyes:

But that does work as an example for how OP she is

Are you sure that is the damage the white skill does in total per attack and not the damage done per firework rocket?

Yeah. It’s total damage

Yes. But there can’t be such a big difference

There could be.

Do u think Mulan can save The City with 2 rockets? Yes or No? If yes, why? If no, why not?

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