Hero Guides: New Additions (Part 1)

These series of guides offer detailed tips and analysis from me.


Mulan is an OP character, dominating the Arena and Coliseum! Lol.

Here’s the guide and my analysis of her.


White skill: Fireworks Frenzy

Mulan calls in a volley of rockets, dealing damage per rocket and blinding enemies for 10 seconds.

This skill can blind enemies, and can dodge enemy damage temporarily. This damage is also This skill is useful and most effective when there are heavy damage dealers as allies like Merida, Moana and Pooh.

Green Skill: Cannon Attack

At the beginning of every wave, Mulan launches a firework at the farthest enemy, dealing damage and stunning the enemy for 9 seconds.

This skill may not necessarily target the farthest enemy and however damage nearby enemies as well. To increase the effectiveness, use heroes that can target the backline like Elsa.

The picture above shows during combat. Normally, based on the shown damage, she can KO the enemy completely.

Blue Skill: Fan Out

Mulan dodges a melee attack and counters with her fan every 4 seconds, granting her a shield that lasts 5 seconds.

Purple Skill: A Little Luck

While Mulan has shield, her normal crit chance is increased by 100.

This skill increases damage by Mulan although it may fail. Adding normal crit upgrade to a Basic Damage mod helps to reinforce the chances of having a critical attack. (If any)

Red Skill: Honourable Warrior

While shielded, Mulan is immune to blinds and has her attack speed increased by 50%.

This skill offers Skill Power, Max HP and extra shield HP to the shield from “Fan Out”.

This skill is most effective if a shield is added to a HP mod as Mulan can get a headstart speed boost if she has a shield. Adding an attack speed upgrade also enhances the speed boost.

  • All-in Attacker (Mulan can deal damage with her 2 skills and basic attack)
  • Has evasion (to block disables)
  • Mixed disables (Blind + Stun)
  • Useful friendship disks (She can knock back, deal more damage or heal per a number of crits)
  • No tenacity (Mulan may be disabled and KO’ed fast if she does not successfully block the disable)
  • Vulnerable to heavy damage (She is on the front line)

The game suggests that Mulan gets 2 skill power mods, 1 HP mod and 1 basic damage mod. For the HP mod, since her reality is usually lower than armor. Adding a shield is also equally good. As I had previously mentioned, the shield can give Mulan a headstart speed boost in combat. For skill power mods, adding the green skill is a recommended upgrade as it boosts the damage and can stun enemies as well. The blue skill is not necessary as the red skill already offers a boost in the shield HP. For BD mods, adding the attack speed or the normal crit upgrade is the best. I emphasised how important it is, now I say it again. Mulan can get a better boost when she is shielded or she can increase damage dealt with the normal crit upgrade.

Friendship disks

Mulan has a Bo Peep disk where she can heal for every 2 critical attacks and can get a percent of the shield HP increase or the Colette disk where she can knock back while increasing damage dealt, making her even more lethal yet still vulnerable.

Conclusion: :+1::+1::+1: (3 Stars)

Mulan although is lethal in damage, she is weak without any support and could KO when she is disabled for she also has no tenacity to reduce the duration of the disable.


The horse who neighs into the battlefield and is the polar opposite of Minimus (from Sofia the first). Hahaha. Get it?

This is my guide and analysis of him.


White skill: Sword Swat

Maximus draws out his sword and points it at enemies, increasing his and allies’ basic damage for 10 seconds and studies enemies for 8 seconds. He then strikes the closest enemy, dealing damage.

This skill is useful for those that relies on Basic damage like Moana, the Beast, Peter Pan, Scar and Aladdin.

Green Skill: Apple Attack

Maximus eats an apple and spits the core at the nearest enemy, healing himself and dealing damage.

This skill offers healing, keeping Maximus alive while being able to do damage, like Jack-Jack’s green skill except his gives energy.

Blue Skill: Horse Kick
Maximus dodges a melee attack and counters, dealing damage and stunning nearby enemies for 12 seconds. He can dodge a melee attack every 10 seconds.

This skill can disable and is useful to stop enemies like the Beast, given that his Berserk duration is 10 seconds. But to effectively disable the Beast, make sure this skill is often upgraded or if Maximus has a skill power mod, use the blue skill upgrade to increase the duration of the stun.

Purple Skill: Follow Your Nose

Maximus marks the enemy with the most basic damage, studying the enemy for the rest of the wave. Studied enemies also deal 85% less damage to Maximus.

This skill is useful in targeting the most basic damage but however Maximus can still be targeted by heavy damage dealers. To increase effectiveness, add upgrades to this skill through mod upgrades or upgrade the skill first.

Red Skill: Loyal Steed

Maximus gives frontline allies and himself 3 stacks of “hardy” while he gives the midline and backline allies skill power for 5 seconds. He and his allies also receive 80% of their basic damage as reality.

This skill also offers additional max HP, reality and more basic damage given to allies through “Sword Swat”

This skill is perfect for Frontliners and most tanks
And the skill power offered allows allies to deal more damage with their skills. The reality increase is also useful for low reality heroes. But as the reality increase may fail, using heroes like Rapunzel is also a good alternative.

  • Mixed attacker (both fantastic and normal damage)
  • Stat booster (He gives allies basic damage, but it is enhanced through the red skill, where stacks of “hardy” or skill power and reality is given)
  • No found weakness. Still researching…

The game suggests the same mod arrangement for Mulan, 1 HP mod, 2 skill power mods and 1 basic damage mod. An armor upgrade is the best to as Maximus can get additional HP and stacks of “hardy” through his red skill and it also offers reality and extra reality to Maximus so a reality upgrade is not necessary.

Friendship disks

Maximus has a Flynn Rider disk where the disk gives allies basic damage and Maximus extra HP. Allies’ is increased by 30% per studied enemy and can stack up to a maximum of 5 times. Or Timon and Pumbaa’s disk where “Sword Swat” had a chance to remove all buffs from “damage” role enemies and it also gives Maximus armor and skill power.

Conclusion: :+1::+1::+1::+1: (4 stars)

Maximus has the abilities of a support with his red skill and can deal both types of main damage (fantastic and normal). He also can self-heal to keep in shape while in combat


Can you be clearer?

Elsa doesn’t increase any effectiveness of the initial rocket. Mulan just damages and stuns a backliner and that’s it.

If you’re talking about Elsa’s initial freeze with her red skill, that red skill targets enemies with the most skill power.

You didn’t provide any info here.

So you’re saying Mulan does not have crit stats? She has an 89% chance to super crit with shields at R14.

She has something called “Evasion”. But she has 54% chance to evade…

More like “fragile without shields”

Yeah. We know.

Yeah, we also know that.

Don’t you think you can add a bit more to this?

Mods are never recommended on level-dependent skills.

Mad Hatter


Adding Blue Skill Wont Increase The duration Of Stun

Sorry, let me correct myself. I meant to say that the duration will increase because of the lesser effective tenacity.

I don’t think it works like that…


Isn’t it so? Let me explain my logic.

Total Tenacity - Hero Skill level = Effective Tenacity

Assuming that your total tenacity stays the same, and you upgrade the skill to a higher level, the effective tenacity is reduced isn’t it?

I give you an example

(Total Tenacity) - (Hero Skill Level)
155 - 123 = 32 effective tenacity

When you upgrade one level higher,
155 - 124= 31 effective tenacity

I think tenacity is dependent on the hero’s level. Not skill level.

Apparently this is the official meaning of Tenacity

Interesting to read the descriptions again and find that evasion and tenacity (avoiding and reducing disables) are dependent on skill level and not hero level.
But I agree adding mods to Mulan’s blue skill won’t effectively increase the stun duration because most backline enemies like Meg and Elsa don’t have tenacity or evasion so they will get the full 9 seconds of stun when hit anyway. You will increase the damage done, which can be quite significant.

I don’t understand - of course they are dependent on skill level?

If an enemy freeze skill lasts 10 seconds and is “less effective against enemies over level 180”, and you have 200 tenacity, the freeze will only in fact last 8 seconds.

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Yes, but in this specific case, Mulan’s green hits backliners. Which rarely have tenacity, can only think of Animal rn


Some people think it is hero level. I played this for 2 years and studied on the stats and their meaning.

Possible. When I reported this, apparently someone said that the damage dealt is dependent on armor negation, tenacity and whatever not.

Bonus damage dealt is dependent on negation and crit… tenacity has nothing to do with damage…

Sorry. I mean got other factors. Forgot to mention. And I’m a bit blur… :sweat_smile:

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