HIgh Invasion Bot Level

How does an individual player able to reach an level 825 bot in invasion?? One of my guild members has reached that level in invasion. His total power is under 125M. Is he using a cheat??

It is actually quite easy to get there if you use the right heroess
Power ups you receive through invasion boost heroes so they gain more power.


Yeah I know that, but I have people with close to 800M Power who don’t get that high, maybe in the mid 350-360 range. This just seems over the top…

They probably dont put as much time into invasion as the other player, or are using the wrong heroes


Shatter heroes can do wonders. In case of Red invasion it is Russel and Kevin whom you should use.

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You can refer to the tier list attached for help on which heroes work best for which invasion:

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power has nothing to do with it, most of my invasion bot heroes are Purple :crazy_face:

as long as they have strong enough teams to progress through the breakers, there’s no limit to the level of bot they could take down

level 825 is like 1/10th of what’s required to stay in Challenger league btw :stuck_out_tongue:


825 is high? Hehehe
This is too low buddy

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