Hiro Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: Hiro has come to provide help to his friends and allies, with his is experience and strength, no enemies can overcome The Master of the Railway.

Quote: ‘‘I don’t know, Thomas. But aren’t you a little Master of the Railway yourself?’’
Star: :star: :star: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Frontline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Hiro enters the field with a calm expression, as steam come beneath Hiro wheels.

Victory: Hiro blows his whistle loudly and victoriously, As he smiles.

Defeat: Hiro look at the enemies in disappointment.


Basic Attack: {Passive} instead of hitting the enemies directly, Hiro smile, healing X HP to himself.

White Skill: Unheard Laughter:
Hiro start to laugh loudly in joy, Cleansing every Disabled and Debuffs, to Hiro and every ally on the field, an apply Invincibility to Hiro for 8 seconds. As we’ll apply Tenacity Decrease to the front most enemies.

The Tenacity Decrease has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Green Skill: Thoughtful Notice:
Hiro surveys the area around him and then chuckle to himself, Hiro gain X Armor Increase to himself and applies a buff to his ally base on their role:

Damage Role: Gain 80% of Attack Speed and X Shields by 10 seconds.

Tank Role: Gain 60% of Armor and 3 Stack of Hardy by 12 seconds.

Support Role: Gain 40% of Reality and X Basic Attack by 8 seconds.

Control Role: Gain 100% of Tenacity and 2 Stack of Determination by 14 seconds.

Blue Skill: Plow Impact:
Every 5 Basic Attack, A Snowplow appears on to Hiro buffer, as Hiro look at this in amusement, he then look at the enemy’s and drive through enemy-line dealing X Normal Damage.

Purple Skill: The Master Of The Railway:
After using “Unheard Laughter”, Hiro gain immunity from Snare for 15 seconds. Hiro and his allies also gain an 20% increase Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

Hiro gains Z Max HP.

Red Skill: Respectful Sage:
“Thoughtful Notice” now apply to all allies an X Skill Power increase for 20 seconds and Study all enemies in the field for 12 seconds.

Every 20 seconds, Hiro Reality and Movement Speed is Increased by 25%.

The Study has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

• + Z Max HP
• + Z Armor Negation
• + Z Bonus Damage to “Plow Impact”



[Hiro and Thomas]
Description: Thomas was super excited to see Hiro in the city, He wanted to show Hiro round the best places to enjoy. But needed to delivered some goods to the station, so Thomas tried to multitask his job.

Disk Name: A Beautiful Journey
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Reality
• + X Tenacity

• “Thoughtful Notice” now apply to all enemies an X Armor Decrease and X Basic Attack Decrease for 3/6/9/12/15 seconds.

Allies: Percy, Jessie, Cinderella


[Hiro and Li Shang]
Description: Li Shang was told by Mulan to see in the station of someone that is from Japan, Li Shang obvious interest to see someone from Japan went to see them. As he enter the station, he only to see a huge engine idle, as he approach, the bige engine call Li Shang by his name. Obviously caught off guard, Li Shang questioned the engine of knowing his name, the engine then explained Mulan telling his name, but before he explained more, the engine pardon Li Shang of not giving his name and introduces himself as Hiro.

Disk Name: Respected Warrior
Disk Power:
• + Enemies lose X Reality while Study
• + X Max HP to Hiro and his Allies
• + X Bonus Damage to “Impact Plow”

• Once per wave, when an Hiro reaches 0 HP, he revives himself to full HP, and make himself invincible for 4/5/6/7/8 seconds.
• When Hiro revived himself or by an ally, increase his Armor and Reality by X.

Allies: Henry, Wall-E, Hiro Hamada

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