Hit the gym


So, I was playing Smash Bros Ultimate and sending some of my spirits to work out at Doc Louis’ gym, and that gave me an idea for a similar feature in the game. What if, for 1,000 pieces of gold, you could leave one of your characters to train for XP, at the rate of one point a second? The catch is; you can’t use the character you left at the gym while they’re training, they’re unable to use the gym once they pass level 70, and once they’re out of the gym, they can’t be used again for 24 hours.


Ok, idk wot to say about dis idea because I don’t have smash ultimate.


That is a pretty good idea! And maybe, like Smash Ultimate, there could be a dojo that changes up stats, like increasing attack while decreasing health regeneration or something.


This idea is not bad! Ussing it on characters (especially freshly aquired characters) would be great!