Hopper (A Bug’s Life Hero Concept)


This insect lives to be the one in control, and if any creeps dare to resist his wrath, they will be made corrected.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Frontline Tank
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I swear if I hadn’t promised Mother on her deathbed that I wouldn’t kill you, I would kill you!”

Entrance: Hopper stomps into the battlefield from the air.
Victory: A leaf chair appears in the battlefield, and Hopper sits down, kicks up his feet, and chuckles.
KO: Hopper growls in fury as he redlines his wings.

Basic Attack: Hopper punches enemies.

White Skill - Let’s Ride - True Damage
Hopper grabs the last enemy that attacked him and flies over the rest for 4 seconds. Hopper then throws that enemy back into the battlefield, having them take X damage on impact.

Green Skill - Grasshopper Rage
Hopper shouts in fury, scaring enemies for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill - Dead Eye
Hopper scowls at the weakest enemy, allowing himself to be untargetable by that enemy for 6 seconds.

Purple Skill - Bug Eat Bug World
If Hopper reaches 0HP before performing his “Let’s Ride” skill, he will do so before disappearing, regardless of his energy count.

Red Skill - Everything Is Your Fault
Hopper takes X less damage from scared enemies, and his attack speed is increased by 25% for the first 4 seconds of each wave.

Hopper + Hades
Campaign: Rage Central - Both Hopper and Hades are known for their anger and intimidating egos. Sounds like they need some anger management.
Disk: Giants Among Ants
Disk Memory: Scared enemies take X extra damage from Hopper.
Disk Power: Z shield power

Hopper + Megavolt
Campaign: Blackout - Megavolt and Hopper team up to drain all of the City’s power. Megavolt plans to betray Hopper, but little does he know that Hopper doesn’t take double-crossing all that well.
Disk: Rat Zapper
Disk Memory: Each time Hopper uses “Dead Eye,” the enemy he scowls at is unable to gain HP for 5 seconds.
Disk Power: Z energy gain, Z armor


He is my favorite villain character


Scare is a mechanic made to support Fantastic Damage, of which this concept doesn’t have any. This isn’t a problem in itself, I myself made a concept of a character that doesn’t deal F. Damage and Scares, but he actively supports F. Damage dealers with his skills.

Your concept is decent, it’s only lacking some details I gotta say.

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