How Many Concepts Have You Read in Your Life? - Dio Brando(Unlikely Concept)

Hero Info


Hero Name: Dio Brando
Source: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 1: Phantom Blood
Stars: :star:
Position and Role: Frontline Damage Hero
Trial Team: Red
Mastery Collections: Damage, Healer(?)
Entrance: Slowly descends from the battlefield ceiling to his position.
Victory: Smirks at the enemies.
Defeat: Is disintegrated while screaming “Wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”
Basic Attack: Slaps nearby enemies.
Description: Feeling useless today? You might be facing Dio, the narcissistic vampire that will use his opponents to heal himself and show how “superior” he is.
Quote: “I reject my humanity, JoJo!”


:white_circle: Space Ripper Stingy Eyes :stars: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Dio’s basic attacks apply 1 Stack of “Useless” to the enemies it damages. Each stack of “Useless” regenerates the life of the attackers by 10% of the damage they deal.

Active: Dio secretes a high pressure fluid out of his eyes that passes through enemies, dealing X damage and applying 1 Stack of “Useless” to the enemies it hits.

:green_circle: Body Heat Control :stars: Fantastic Damage

Dio dodges a melee attack and holds the closest enemy, freezing them for 10 seconds and applying 2 stacks of “Useless”. Enemies Frozen by this skill are dealt X damage per second while Frozen. Dio can dodge a melee attack once every 8 seconds.

:large_blue_circle: Vampiric Absorption :shield: TRUE Damage
Dio jumps to the enemy with the most HP, then grabs them, applying 2 stacks of Useless and absorbing their life, dealing X damage to that enemy and healing himself for X HP.

:purple_circle: Dark Rebirth
Once when Dio reaches 0 HP, he revives, applying 3 stacks of Useless to the enemy that last attacked him and instantly using Vampiric Absorption on them. If the enemy that last attacked him is already K.Oed, Dio uses Vampiric Absortion normally.
The applying of “Useless” might fail in enemies above level Z.

:red_circle: Humanity Rejection
Each Stack of “Useless” now grants a Z reality debuff to enemies. Everytime Dio heals himself, he gains Z Skill Power and 1 Stack of Hardy.
Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Skill Power
+Z additional Damage to “Vampire Absorption”
+5% healing per stack of “Useless”

Battle Badge

Is Charged in Battle When: “Useless” is applied to enemies 5 times
Bonuses: +X Skill Power; +Y Armor per Red Team Hero;
Enhancement Bonus: +50 Reality Negation


Dio Brando + Scar
Campaign: Long live The King: Dio offers to Scar the gift of immortality, who suspects that it would turn him into one of Dio’s henchmen.
Allies: King Louie, The Evil Queen, The Queen of Hearts
Disk Name: Scratched Stone Mask
Effects: +X Skill Power per Stack of Useless on the battlefield; +10% Improved Healing
Stars: Enemies with stacks of “Useless” that are dealt more than 25% of their max HP as damage in one attack are Silenced for 4(+2 per star) seconds.

Dio Brando + Lock, Shock & Barrel
Campaign: Faithful Servants: Lock, Shock and Barrel cannot help but feel amazed by Dio, so they start following him around. Dio, of course, loves the situation and uses them to gather information about the city.
Allies: Kronk, Oogie Boogie, Yzma
Disk Name: Frozen Sack of Potatoes
Effects: +X Skill Power; +50 Fantastic Crit
Stars: Enemies that receive a critical hit while having a Stack of “Useless” are Scared for 8 seconds. Dio does 5%(+5% per star) of the fantastic damage he deals as TRUE damage to Scared enemies.


I am not sure scar would want to turn to vampire only to asist dio it would mean if scar agreeing he is going to getting bite from dio

Great job making this concept of Dio! Now, can you make DIO from Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, please? :+1::+1:

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My problem with making a DIO concept is that it would be almost the same as a Jotaro concept, so I decided to go with Part 1 Dio instead

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Yeah, Scar didn’t want to become a vampire, that’s why he scratched Dio’s mask

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Okay, I understand

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