How to controll dash?

I’m having a hard time controlling him with his red skill ! Tips and strategy on how to stop him?

He can be countered fairly easily if you have enough CC on your team. He is very slippery but fragile so if you can catch him off guard he should be no problem to take down.

Sorry, what CC means?

Nope. He has high evasion, last time I checked.

Edit: Yep. Almost flawless evasion.


That’s Crowd Control, e.g. stuns, freeezes, charms, etc. Abilities that (temporarily) prevent the enemy team from hurting your team basically.

Yes he does so you need lots of crowd control to prevent him from slipping away.

Doesn’t matter. He dodges everything anyway. Only weakness is his pathetic reality. Need some fantastic damage that comes out quick- randall would be a safe bet.

Or maybe tron(Fl) to remove the speed buff.

He doesn’t. He dodges a lot but the evasion doesn’t guarantee it will always happen.

Okay. My team is based on control. I usually use Facilier and Kristoff + Maleficent or Maga. He’s so fast and kill one of my heroes very quick, because of the red skill :frowning:

Yeah the red skill is really annoying but if you can keep your team alive he will eventually be slowed for a little bit.

:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: I can’t even use shields bc of his disk with violet.

Just thinking out loud, Randall(Yz) would be a safe bet. Fantastic/true damage to ignore his high reality. Quick buff removing.

Also, Tron(Fl) would work too to quickly remove the buff. I’d say these 2 are your best options.

Interesting. Thanks! I’m starting to upgrade Tron, so I hope it helps

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Quorra with her red could also work, since she’d surely kill him with her bike. Really any quick fantastic damage would be good.

Randall is out of the question…

(Look at the timer)


So he bypassed the invisibility?

Either way I’d say Quorra still seems like a reliable counter.

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just try to slow him

Slows like Pooh’s Purple skill is strong enough. And since he can deal a lot of fantastic damage for his white skill, technically he should be able to KO Dash.


It should be easy enough… You can upgrade Pooh to match Dash’s power and you can try. I mean, at orange rank, his reality is still low (both red skills unlocked)

Nope. Dash would kill pooh before he had a chance to apply a single stack of hunny. 200% is a lot of speed.

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