How to get vip 5 for a day ring?

I saw they talked about vip 5 for a day ring on FaceBook and Youtube.How can i get that?I don’t see it in mail or Inventory

You get one when you first join but that’s it.


What Slinky said. You can only get one VIP ring in your game account’s lifetime.

If you want a VIP5 ring that lasts for eternity, just complete many surveys :smiley:

It’d take a while, but it’d be worth it.


But i have a account on 19 or 20 i don’t remember and i didn’t recieve it

… Okay, who flagged the two first-time commenters on here? Was that necessary?


I didn´t, I was wondering the same…

I didn’t recieve that Vip ring.Why? Iam at sever 18

No one did, actually

Are they automatic flags, then? Why?

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I can’t chat. i just wonder why i didn’t get the free ring

When you use an alt in your own topic it automaticallly is flagged (I just remembered this)


Oh, that makes sense.

… But is that why the initial post also got flagged?

I don´t think so because by that logic my trivia would be flagged since I once used an alt there

They said i am spaming

In the first post? no. The main post is fine, it shouldn´t be flagged…

But i didn’t get it.I am in sever 18.Did it require sth else?

I mean the ring

Yeah. I think you need to finish the tutorial

I finished it and reached chapter 5 too

Have you checked your mailbox? It comes through your mailbox

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