Hungry like a wolf (Remake-cept)

Remake-cepts are gonna be normal for me for the next few…I don’t know how long, anyway…here’s a big bad wolf!

Big bad wolf


Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Damage
Trial team: Red

“I’ll huff and i’ll puff and i’ll blow your house in!”

The big bad wolf brings his trickery, his huffing and puffing and his huge appetite to the battlefield.


Entrance: Big bad wolf sneaks into the battlefield and licks his lips (Until B0)

Victory: Big bad wolf grins evily as he pulls out his fork and knife seemingly ready for a feast.

Defeat: Big bad wolf tries to huff and puff but he runs out of breath and slinks to the ground in a tired state.

Basic attack: Big bad wolf bites the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Huff and puff

Passive: Each basic attack from big bad wolf now heals himself for X amount.

Active: Big bad wolf blows the enemy team away with a large gust of blowed wind until his energy runs out, dealing huge knockback to all enemies, dealing X damage per second and applying one stack of fatigue per each second.

Green: Hungry like a wolf

Big bad wolf pulls out a knife and fork and jabs them into the nearest enemy while licking his lips, dealing X damage to the enemy, healing the big bad wolf for X amount and scaring all other enemies for 6 seconds.

Blue: Sheepish clothing

At the start of every wave, big bad wolf sneaks into the battlefield in his sheep in a basket disguise and stays motionless in the basket in his position for 5 seconds. While in the basket, damage dealt to him is reduced by X% and he is immune to disables.

Once 5 seconds have passed, the wolf jumps out of the basket and scares all enemies for 6 seconds while also dealing X damage to each enemy.

Purple: Who’s afraid?

All scares dealt to enemies now inflicts “lifesteal” on the scared enemy for until the scare wears off.

Enemies inflicted with “lifesteal” now have the same amount of damage dealt to them healed on the attacking ally per each attack they deal to the enemy with “lifesteal”

Red: Fine appetite

Disables from scared enemies are now blocked on allies for as long as each enemy is scared.

Healing done by the big bad wolf or his allies now increases their crit chance against scared enemies by 30%.
+X skill power
+X damage to “Hungry like a wolf”
+X reality


Big bad wolf/Gaston
Survive and dine
Healing increases movement speed

Healing done by “lifesteal” and other sources increases their movement speed by 35%

Story: Big bad wolf teams up with known hunter gaston in order to mooch a meal off of him during his next hunt

Big bad wolf/Bunsen and beaker
Strong gust
knockback drains energy

All knockback dealt to enemies now drains 45% energy from each enemy.

Story: Bunsen and beaker decides to use the wolf’s strong winds in order to run some experiments while getting him board with the promise of a free meal…with destructive results.

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