Hypno-Shroom (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Hypno-Shroom (from Plants Vs Zombies)
Description: The Hypno-Shroom will now use its hypnotic powers and other shroom friends to take down the creeps
Quote: “Zombies are our friends. They’re badly misunderstood creatures who play a valuable role in our ecology. We can and should do more to bring them around to our way of thinking.”
Stars: 3
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Hypno-Shroom will sprout out of the ground
Victory: Hypno-Shroom will bounce as it spins its eyes at high speeds
Death: Hypno-Shroom will disappear in a puff of purple smoke
Role: Midline Control


Basic attack: A Puff-Shroom will pop out of the ground and fire a small purple bubble at the closest enemy

White skill: Hypnotic Moongrains
Hypno-Shroom’s mushroom cap will flash various colors and his eyes will spin at high speeds, charming the closest enemy for 10 seconds and increasing the enemies basic attack power by 30% for 10 seconds

Green skill: Fumes Of Gloom: Fantastic Damage
Hypno-Shroom will grow a Gloom-Shroom into the enemy line. The Gloom-Shroom will have X health and will deal X normal damage every 3 seconds, the fumes the Gloom-Shroom produces to deal the damage will also slow all enemies attack speeds by 5% for the rest of the wave. When Fume-Shroom is defeated the enemies attack speeds will return to normal. The Gloom-Shroom does not carry between waves.

Blue skill: DOOM!: True Damage
Hypno-Shroom will grow a Doom-Shroom into the enemy line, causing the Doom-Shroom to immediately explode, dealing X damage to all enemies and stunning them for 5 seconds

Purple skill: Scaredy-Shroom: Fantastic Damage
Every three basic attacks a Scaredy-Shroom will pop out of the ground instead of a Puff-Shroom. It will fire a purple bubble at the closest enemy, dealing X fantastic damage

Red skill: Hypnotic Endeavors
When a charmed enemy is dealt damage by Hypno-Shroom’s basic attack, it will have their charmed extended by 3 seconds


Hypno-Shroom and The Underminer
Disk: Consider Yourself Hypnotized!
Hypno-Shroom’s basic attack power is increased by 5% for every charmed enemy on the battlefield, this resets at the end of each wave
The Underminer has gotten a recent undead problem in his tunnels and asks help from Hypno-Shroom
Allies: Nick Wilde Merlin Donald Duck

Hypno-Shroom and Donald Duck
Disk: Pulling Weeds
Hypno-Shroom will heal X health at the end of each wave
Donald is tired of the fungi’s infestation
Allies: Scrooge McDuck Daisy Duck Minnie Mouse

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Hypno-Shroom was always one of my favorite characters in the game. Great concept! :+1:

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