DisneyDude65’s Concept Collection

Hey here’s my collection for all my concepts organized by series. At the bottom of the topic will be a link to my collections of Madagascar and Big City Greens concepts. Be excited for more concepts in the future!

Knick Knack:
Knick (Control)

Red’s Dream:
Red (Support)

Toy Story/Geri’s Game:
Geri (Control)

Presto and Alec (Tank)

The Adventures Of Andre and Wally B.:
Andre and Wally B. (Damage)

Made in Point Richmond:
Bottle of Listerene (Damage)
Drink Boxes (Tank)

Beauty and The Beast:
Lefou (Control)

Tamatoa (Tank)

Monsters Inc:
Sneezing Monster (Damage)

Silly Symphonies:
The Big Bad Wolf (Tank)

Mickey and Friends:
Mortimer Mouse (Control)
The Phantom Blot (Damage)
LudWig Von Drake (Damage)
Witch Hazel (Control)
The Troubadour (Support)
Fifi (Damage)
The Parrot (Tank)

Disney Parks:
Figment (Damage)

Robin Hood:
Prince John (Control)
Trigger and Nutsy (Damage)

Milo Murphy’s Law:
Milo Murphy (Control)

Ron’s Gone Wrong:
Ron (Old) (Tank)
Ron (Remake) Coming Soon

The Black Friday Reel:
Black Friday Woody (Damage)

Rayman (Damage)

Crash Bandicoot:
Crash Bandicoot (Tank)
Dr Neo Cortext (Control)

Ferngully: The Last Rainforest:
Batty Koda (Support) Contest Submission

Super Mario Bros:
Walugi (Damage)
Donkey Kong (Tank)
Luigi (Control)

Mickey and Friends:
Pluto, Figaro, and Gubbles (Control)

Edd (Support)
Tom (Damage)
Matt (Tank)
Tord (Damage)
Edwardo (Control)

Snoopy, Woodstock, and The Beagle Scouts (Tank)
Charlie Brown (Control)
Lucy Van Pelt (Support)
Linus Van Pelt and Sally Brown (Damage)
Marcie and Peppermint Patty (Damage)

Pac-Man (Tank)

Dr Seuss:
Sam and Guy (Damage)

Splash Mountain/Song Of The South:
Br’er Bear, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Rabbit (Control)

Over The Hedge:
RJ (Control)

Open Season:
Eliot and Boog (Control)
Shaw (Tank)
Deni and Serge (Damage)
Mr. Weenie and McSquizzy (Support)
Reilly (Damage)

Thor (Tank)

Shaggy (Tank)
Fred (Damage)

The Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies:
Bugs Bunny (Damage)

BatMan (Control)

Disney Infinity:
The Spark (Support)

Megamind (Damage)

Shrek (Tank)
Donkey (Control)

Bee Movie:
Barry B. Benson (Damage)

Team Fortress 2:
Sniper (Control)
Solider (Damage)
Medic (Support)
Heavy (Tank)
Scout (Damage)

Princess Candice (Support)

Plants V.S. Zombies:
Hypno-Shroom (Control)
Chomper (Damage)
Crazy Dave (Damage)

Punch Out!:
Glass Joe (Support)

Rodney Copperbottom (Support)

Brain Gremlin (Tank)

Madagascar Collection
Big City Greens Collection


I will take suggestions but they would not be as prioritized as the main projects I come up with

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I added two new concepts along with fixing some issues. I added Black Friday Woody after I forgot him lol. And the new heroes of Megamind and Fred from Megamind and Scooby Doo respectively. I’m planning on doing more DreamWorks concepts in the future but I want to see what ones you’d like to see next

  • More Madagascar concepts!
  • More Megamind concepts!
  • Shrek Concepts
  • Kung Fu Panda Concepts

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I have a special surprise on Thanksgiving, but after that what concepts would you like to see next

  • More PVZ concepts
  • Officer Keys (from Big City Greens)
  • More Madagascar concepts

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The movie has to of released so probably not now, even then my Mario concept would be based off of the games


Wil you do jenny from my Life of the teenage robot?


I’ve never seen the show, she seems like an interesting character but don’t expect a good concept if I do Jenny lol. If I do, I’d base her skill set off of NASB


I feel bad for not clarifying, I didn’t mean I would purposely make a bad concept, I meant that when I do concepts for characters I don’t like as much or don’t know much about… it’s not very good. That’s all

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