“I’m so sick of these Car Phones!” (Unlikely Concept) (Joke Concept)


”We’re not going to Minneapolis, we’re going to Lake Minnetonka!”

Role: Control
Position: Mid-Line
Team: Blue

Description: Aren’t you just super tired of the enemy team? Karen is too! She’ll make anyone suffer, no questions asked.


Entrance: Karen walks in, and then scoffs at the enemy line. (changes at green)
Victory: Karen laughs maniacally.
Defeat: Karen stomps her feet.
Basic Attack: Karen slams down the leg of a desk, sending a shockwave that deals X damage to a singular enemy.


White Skill: Signal Blocker
Karen pulls out her Cellular Blocker and uses it on the enemy team, silencing a random enemy, as well as decreasing that enemy’s armor.

Green Skill: VIP Service
Karen’s Husband (which I do not know the name of) pushes Karen in on wheelchair, in which she rolls through the enemy line. This deals X damage to each enemy she rolls through, as well as knocking them back.

Blue Skill: Or Else!
Karen threatens the enemy team, applying a random disable to an enemy, as well as giving Karen a shield for 4 seconds.

Purple Skill: Car Phone Conundrums
“Signal Blocker” now deals damage to the enemy that is silenced.

Red Skill: Sick and Tired
“Or Else!” Now can affect 2 enemies, and increase Karen’s shield duration to 6 seconds.


Disliking Duo
Allies: Donald, Anger, Calhoun
“Or Else”’s shield is now increased to 8 seconds.

Lasting Lecture
Allies: Quackerjack, Kevin Flynn, Pocahontas
“Signal Blocker” now applies a random Disable to an enemy.


This was just a bonus concept I felt like doing lol

I randomly watched the “Dhar Mann rip-off with skeletons” meme and thought to myself, “wow, she could be in DHBM…” this was 100% a joke concept tbh

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