“There’s not enough room up here!” Unlikely Concept

“Dark Humor is the way some people cope with tragedy.”

Role: Tank
Position: Back-Line
Team: Blue

Description: Gelatin is a PRO at PROjectiles. Any long range attacks needed, and he’s here to help!


Entrance: Gelatin walks in and gets a fork prepared for battle.
Victory: https://youtu.be/fdtWcEd_q_A?si=31F2V4KEG7GdnAsy
Defeat: Gelatin is crushed by the HPRC
Basic Attack: Gelatin throws a singular fork at an enemy, dealing X damage.


White Skill: Fork Barrage
Gelatin throws 3 forks into the air, which land on 3 different enemies, dealing X damage to each and knocking them back.

Green Skill: Calm Down
Gelatin pulls out his Freeze Juice and throws it at a Random enemy, freezing them for 6 seconds and dealing X damage per second.

Blue Skill: Anti-Poison
When a Disable is applied to an ally, Gelatin throws an Anti-Poison syringe at them, which gets rid of their disable and gives them a shield for 4 seconds.

Purple: Cursed Fork
“Fork Barrage” now has a chance of applying a disable to 1 the 3 enemies hit by forks.

Red: Shivering Syringes
Gelatin will now throw 2 syringes of Freeze Juice on “Calm Down”.

  • +X Damage on Basic Attack
  • +X Max HP
  • +X Damage Dealt on “Calm Down”


Beatbox Bash
Allies: Powerline, Miguel, Winnie Sanderson
Gelatin’s Basic attack now deals X more damage.

Seeing Green
Allies: Rex, Mike, Dr Facilier
Anti-Poison can now give Gelatin a shield as well.


Sorry, I had to do this. Gelatin is a pretty good character with big potential, so I took no more time.
I hope you enjoyed my concept, because I enjoyed making it.

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