I, Robot. You, Obstacle. - AUTO (Likely Concept)


Programmed to ensure the safety of his crew at all costs, AUTO manipulates the outcome of every battle with terrifying efficiency.
Role: Control
Position: Back
Trial Team: Red

“Must follow my directive.”


Basic Animations

Entrance: AUTO lowers from a point above the screen about midway horizontally across, gives the enemy team a once-over, retreats back upwards, and drops back down from above the player’s backline, whirling its frame slightly and extending/retracting its grabber arm.

Basic Attack: AUTO shifts elevation and extends its grabber arm to forcefully “punch” a random enemy. It then retracts the arm and readjusts his elevation. Rinse and repeat.

Victory: AUTO whirls its wheel frame satisfactorily. It then turns to look from side-to-side for anything else required of it before raising itself back up above the screen.

Defeat: With a sad mechanical nyyyeeeeerrrrrrp, AUTO’s red light fades and its wheel reverts to its default position as its Manual light turns on.


:white_circle: White Skill: Complete Lockdown

  • AUTO locks down the battlefield, inflicting Stop on all enemies for 10 seconds. Stopped targets are Stunned and cannot gain any healing or Energy from any source. The Stop has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
    – Once an enemy has recovered from Stop, or if they avoided it altogether, they are then Slowed by 60% and Silenced for 6 seconds.
  • Animation: AUTO looks around frantically before his red light glows brightly. Suddenly, a warning siren activates on the battlefield and everything is bathed in an ominous red hue for a few seconds.

:green_circle: Green Skill: Collector Drones (:sparkles:)

  • Once every 6 seconds, AUTO sends in a Collector Drone to reposition a random enemy, dealing X (determined by Skill Power) Fantastic damage to them.
    – If they are a Front or Mid position enemy, they will be pushed all the way to their backline.
    – If they are a Back position enemy, they will be pulled all the way to the player’s frontline.
  • Animation: AUTO spins its wheel a quarter turn to the left and then to the right. Shortly after, a floating trapezoidal drone rushes in and points its arm at its chosen enemy, cloaking them in a red bubble and either pulling or repelling them to their chosen location. Once done, the drone turns and floats back off-screen.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: Taser Arm (:sparkles:)

  • AUTO electrifies its grabber arm before punching the nearest enemy, dealing X (determined by Basic Damage) Fantastic damage. The target has a 25% chance to be Confused, a 40% chance to be Snared, and a 35% chance to be affected by Despair for 14 seconds. The random debuff has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
    – Confused enemies move at double their usual movement speed, move in random directions, and cannot stand still unless disabled.
    – Snared enemies have their move speed reduced to 0, but can still attack enemies within range.
    – Despair causes the target to lose 25 Energy every second. If the target is also Sapped, they then cannot gain any Energy from any source.
  • Animation: AUTO extends its grabber arm slightly, which crackles with electricity. It then whirls its wheel rapidly as it adjusts its elevation and delivers a punishing electric punch to its chosen enemy.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: Directive A-113 (:fist:)

  • Each time an ally takes 30% of their maximum HP in damage, AUTO sends in a cleaning robot to ram all enemies, dealing X (determined by Basic Damage) Normal damage to them and reducing all damage that they deal by 40% for 8 seconds. There is no limit to how often this ability can be triggered.
  • Animation: AUTO’s wheel spins furiously, and shortly thereafter, a small cleaning robot zips in from the left side of the screen, shooting across the floor at rapid speed.

:red_circle: Red Skill: Just Following Orders

  • Taser Arm makes an additional attack for every 20% HP AUTO is missing, up to a maximum of 4 additional hits, and each hit now targets a random enemy. The first enemy hit by Taser Arm is also Troubled while the debuff afflicted by Taser Arm is active, causing all of the target’s allies to take True damage equal to 25% of any damage the Trouble target receives.
  • AUTO’s allies gain 25% Attack Speed for each disabled enemy. This effect is reduced on allies above level X.
    +X Basic Damage
    +X Skill Power
    +X damage dealt by Taser Arm

Friend Disk Campaigns

:electric_plug: Disk #1 - "Repurposed Technology"
Dr. Drakken can’t help but admire the efficiency and sheer technical excellence of AUTO, and kinda wishes he had a robot that useful for his subway hideout. Someone actually reliable to count on, and considerably less likely to stab him in the back on a whim. So before the flying autopilot knows what hit it, Dr. Drakken whips out his Attitudinator and brings AUTO temporarily under his control and draws him down to his lair. Some time later, AUTO boots back up and finds itself shackled within the confines of Drakken’s control center and forced to do his petty bidding. When asked how it got here, Drakken tells AUTO it was a simple matter–his Attitudinator allows him to turn good guys evil and turn evildoers good, but its effect is diminished somewhat on robots, so it simply allowed him to control AUTO long enough to drag him down here. And now he is the mad doctor’s personal assistant. Turns out Dr. Drakken should have just kept his big mouth shut, since AUTO almost immediately gets a hold of the Attitudinator, uses it on Drakken while his guard’s down to turn him into a good guy, orders him to set the autopilot free, and then proceeds to parade Dr. Drakken around town to do humiliatingly self-deprecating acts of goodwill and merrymaking across the City. Boy, is the good doctor gonna be sore when he regains his senses…

  • Partner: Dr. Drakken
  • Allies: Tigger, Judy Hopps, Robin Hood
  • Level Up:
    +X Basic Damage
    Charmed enemies deal X additional damage with their basic attacks
  • Stars:
    When an enemy is repositioned by Collector Drones, they are then Charmed for 4 (+2 per additional star) seconds. While Charmed in this way, 100% of all Energy gained by the target is instead given to and divided among AUTO and his allies.

:oncoming_police_car: Disk #2 - "A Hero’s Work is Never Done"
Bound by its mission to ensure humanity’s survival, even here in the City, AUTO becomes a mainstay at the CPD, where its many useful functions and remote-operated drones can aid the police in many ways. But AUTO feels it is not living up to its potential usefulness as a tool to secure the City, so it makes a formal request to partner up with a hero for official patrol duties. After some consideration, Chief Bogo decides that the hero who most needs AUTO’s help would be that loose-cannon wacko, Darkwing Duck, whose heart is in the right place but his methods are…inconsistent at best. At first, DW is excited at the prospect of being simply given a hi-tech piece of gadgetry to aid him in his neverending battle against evildoers, but AUTO is deathly serious in the pursuit of said evildoers. Brutal hours, relentless searches, poring over thousands upon thousands of receipts, incident filings, hours of security camera footage, witness reports…it’s all too much for the caped crusader! DW thinks his new partner is way, way too overbearing in its approach. AUTO thinks its new partner is way, way too lazy and not dedicated enough. Before too much longer, it’s gonna come to blows…

  • Partner: Darkwing Duck
  • "Allies": Syndrome, Quackerjack, Magica de Spell
  • Level Up:
    +X Basic Damage to AUTO and allies
    +X Skill Power to AUTO and allies
    Allies are healed for X HP per second while Invisible
  • Stars:
    When an ally’s HP loss triggers Directive A-113, they have a 20% (+20% per additional star) chance to become Invisible for 6 seconds.
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