I was the one who made the Bill Cipher art for my concept, not Jake Miller. Just because it looks identical, doesn't mean it's the same

I didn’t know what category to put it in. To the guys saying I “stole” art from Jake Miller, here’s proof I didn’t. Tell me, is it even the same? I literally just traced it from the actual show, people, do your research next time

I find it hilarious how people thought I “stole” art just because it’s almost the same pose. Even though it was original (well it’s traced but still). There’s a comparison if you’re really that blind you can’t even tell the difference.


Ok I was confused when I opened the forums today and saw this. Checked your concept thread (nice concept and great art btw), and I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the guy that accused you of stealing that art.

They’re a kid who at some point was banned from the forums for spamming, and since then they’ve been making new accounts regularly to try to come back every time they’re banned. Judging from their replies, they just wanted people to think you were them, so they wouldn’t be found out… yeah you can tell they’re obvious every time.

The second guy that joined in I have no clue, they probably just didn’t check at all.


Alright… I actually didn’t know that the kid actually had a bunch of alt accounts. I’m pretty new here and I’m just here to make peace with everyone (hence my name lmao). I’ve actually made my account around a year ago but I’ve only started interacting/making posts recently

I did not want to deal with a kid who accuses someone of doing something even though they didn’t on my first few days. I guess I felt I had to tell em off because other people seem to be agreeing with them…

Thanks for your insights anyway

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Not to sound mean or anything, but if you wanna put your art for a concept, it’ll be more relieving if you put the wip too so everyone know it’s you. But after this post, I think it won’t be necessary.

Speaking of, the person did spam unkind (to put it lightly) words on my first post too. But that account, and the comments, are suspended… here they returned with a new acc. You’re not the only one experiencing this type of thing (basically being new and out of nowhere someone try to put you in a bad light).

Don’t let one or two people mess you up, just carry on doing your thing and it’ll be better.


Thank you for your advice. I’ll keep them in mind (especially about the WIP part)


Yeah that’s fair, just thought I’d let you know about them if you plan to stick around. We kinda just got used to it by now but they’ve definitely caused some drama before.

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Where is your Bill concept?

I love this art BTW and your style, whoever said your art was stolen is a mean person, you’re creative in a beautiful way, and we all won’t listen to that lying spammer.

I don’t even know who they are but I love art! And this is the greatest art ever! Don’t listen to anyone that says ‘You stole this art’, because you didn’t

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Wait a second, is the link to the concept not shown? In that case, here It's Gonna Get Weird! Bill Cipher Character Concept (#1)

Thank you for your kind words =)

About the “greatest art” though… you and I know it’s far from the truth. There are millions who could do better than me. But still, thank you!

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Your welcome!

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