It's Gonna Get Weird! Bill Cipher Character Concept (#1)

Hello everyone! This is my first time posting in this forums as well as my first hero (or villain in this case) concept! Please don’t expect too much from this, if there’s anything I should improve, please do give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I would greatly appreciate it.
I think I did a decent job with the design, I should’ve thicken the white outlines but hey, at least it’s something amirite?

•My first character concept: Bill Cipher from
Disney’s Gravity Falls!

Description: Beware, Bill Cipher! The dream demon from the second dimension has arrived to bring pure and utter chaos.

Quote: “Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!”

Stars: :star::star::star: (New characters tend to start with 1 star nowadays but this is Bill we’re talking about so frick it)

Role: Control

Position: Midline

Trials Team: Red

Basic Attack: Bill throws blue fireballs at enemies, dealing X damage

Entrance: Bill rises up from the ground, playing a piano

Victory: Bill laughs ezgif-6-22213fd43d

Defeat: Bill’s body shatters into pieces

White Skill: “Seeing Red”

Bill turns into a bigger red monstrous form in a fit of rage and runs across the battlefield dealing X Normal Damage to all enemies as well as knocking them back.

Green Skill: “Frozen Creature Agony”

Bill calls upon an eye-bat to turn the nearest enemy into stone, freezing them for 8 seconds while dealing X Fantastic Damage.

Blue Skill: “I Scream, You Scream”

Bill summons a head that’s always screaming, scaring all enemies for 10 seconds while healing himself for X HP.

Scare has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: “Time Is Dead”

While being damaged by “Seeing Red”, enemies’ attack speed are reduced by 85% and their movement speeds are reduced by 60%.

Both slows have reduced effectiveness against enemies above level X.

Red Skill: “I’ll Be Watching You”

When Bill or his allies scare enemies, Bill gains 5 stacks of hardy.

“Seeing Red” now deals additional X Normal Damage and applies a random Disable to the enemy hit for 10 seconds.

Disables include Stun, Freeze, Blind, Silence and Charm.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Basic Damage
+Y Skill Power
+Z Damage on “Seeing Red”


  1. Bill Cipher and Hades

Disk name: Hell Lords
Disk effect: “I Scream, You Scream” Boost

When Bill heals himself after scaring enemies, Bill’s attack speed is increased by 25% for the rest of the wave. Bill’s attack speed can be increased up to a max of 20% in this way

+X Basic Damage
+X Skill Power
+X Max HP

Campaign: Bill and Hades go around making deals with other heroes so they can rule the city and spread weirdness and nightmares everywhere.

Allies: Maleficent, Jack Skellington, Randall Boggs

  1. Bill Cipher and Scar

Disk name: Long Live The Kings
Disk effect: “Frozen Creature Agony” Freezes Longer

“Frozen Creature Agony” now freezes Tank and Damage role enemies 20% longer

+X Skill Power
+X Fantastic Damage

Campaign: Scar longs to be king, but that dream was crushed when Simba was born. Now he’s stuck with with incompetent hyenas for minions. Scar will do whatever it takes to claim the throne and get rid of his goons, even if it means having to make a deal with a certain powerful isosceles monster he’s heard so much about recently…

Allies: Emperor Zurg, Demona, Genie

Well that’s my first DHBM character concept! There might probably be a lot of Bill concepts out there, but I wanted to do my own take on it! Let me know what you guys think about this and please offer constructive criticism. I’m looking to improve. The images of the Bills (idk why, sounds like a cool band name) in the white and purple skill are the only ones not made by me, that zodiac in the red skill icon was directly taken from the show.

I just redrew Bill’s sprite in the first image to fit the game’s artstyle, the eye-bat and screaming head. Idk who drew/re-drew the Bill designs in the white and purple skill icons but if the artists are looking at this, credits to you


Loving this as a first concept!

Is this original art?

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Yup (it’s actually traced though if it isn’t obvious)

As I said, it could’ve been better. At first I wanted to make the white lighting thicker but it looked pretty weird haha


The only weird thing is the white dot in the middle of his eye

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Ah that… I don’t know what you call that but I think it’s a lighting/reflection thing. Some characters that originally don’t have this ended up having this in their in-game designs…just wanted to go with the flow, y’know?


It’s indeed light reflecting on the eyes (or eye in this case) that’s what I remembered. It adds some realism a bit, I like it.

Digging the concept though, would like to see what else you got.

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Great job on your artwork!! It looks very polished.

I call that a catchlight.


Amazing concept, especially the art for his sprite and skill icons!


Very good concept
The best one I’ve ever seen

Why is it flagged?

Because you said don’t steal art even though they didn’t. (They did)

I changed it

I agree they stole

Your”e welcome

No ‘Jake Miller Disney’ the YouTuber

I didn’t steal wtf, I just traced a pose from the show, I can show you proof I made it. Just compare it to Jake Miller’s and mine. Does it look the same? No.

You blind or something kid? I’ll make a post with proof, hold up

Here: I was the one who made the Bill Cipher art for my concept, not Jake Miller. Just because it looks identical, doesn't mean it's the same

Just say you prefer Jake Miller’s over mine lmfao, you don’t have to outright troll and say “hey look everybody, this idiot stole art!1!!1!1”

Come on bruh, it’s my first time here. Do we really have to argue?

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Did you just agree to a guy who has no proof whatsoever I “stole” it? Click the link in my previous reply, that’s all the proof you need that I didn’t “steal”.

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@Your-Friend I’m so sorry you have to deal with them anyway it’s best to ignore them because (they probably want attention)

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