IMPORTANT: Changes to the next Arena Challenger Season

The next Season of Challenger Arena starts next week, March 22nd, and it’s going to be different from what you’re used to. We feel things have fallen into a bit of a rut and we want to shake things up so that it’s fresh and new, but also simplified for everyone. We also want to emphasize that these changes are just a test; think of this as a beta. During the course of the Season, we’ll be monitoring the feedback closely so we can decide how we want to handle Challenger Seasons going forward.

Victory Bonus and Bonus Points are back!

  • Victory Bonus has been reverted back to it’s original values of 1000 / 3000
  • Bonus Points are now Normal Damage Dealt and Heroes Remaining

Quick Win Bonus has been removed


We are removing the two Bonus Point Rules and Victory Points for this Season. Your Points are now completely determined by the Quick Win Bonus, so you’ll need to focus on defeating your opponent’s lineup as fast as possible! The Quick Win Bonus is now worth 1500 Points in Arena and 4500 Points in Coliseum. The time at which the Quick Win Points begin to decay will remain the same within each Mode, but they will now decay over the course of the whole fight. The four Weekly Rules will still be applied as normal.

Depending on how this Season goes, we may decide to make the removal of the Bonus Point Rules permanent and design some new weekly rules to encourage more meta diversity Season to Season.

You’ll see some blank areas where the Bonus Point Rules would have been, and those can just be ignored (no need to submit tickets for this). Victory Points will also still show on the Score screen, they’ll just be set to 0 which is intended.

We’re excited to hear what everyone thinks of the changes. Let us know what you think as the Season progresses!


To be honest… the quick fight system is the only thing that makes arena and coli worse than war for me, and I know many are of the same opinion.

But let’s see if them lasting the whole fight changes anything




Quick Fight should be removed altogether and not instead being glorified and what it seems being the ONLY source of points.

Terrible season incoming! :wastebasket:


@Samm this seems like a bad idea

All we will see now is heroes in defenses that are prolonging dying as much as possible
The defenses will now be ever more duplication than previously…

As Musk and Phal said, the quick fight is the one causing frustration - because there is very little variation lately in defenses and attacks


Samm@ I think only relying on Quick Points will make it so mainly only big Whales have a chance, shutting out F2P from Challengers.

I will say, if the Quick Points are to be the focus I think Invincibility and Berserk would be best turned off by a rule. Like if wanting to balance the season to be more doable for F2Ps.

Will be interesting to see how it goes though.


That’s it plus I don’t think a quick fight is a good idea


This is the exact opposite of what I recommended. This only reinforces the most boring part of arena and coliseum and incentivizes people to use stall lineups. Now every lineup will be the same making arena and coliseum the most boring part of the whole game.


it would be better to make permanent the impossibility of using heroes already taken by the opponent it was much more fun, that there is not 2x the same hero in the fight


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This seem quite incredible :thinking: This is literally the exact opposite of what the majority of people I know want to happen to these modes.

The Quick Win meta is exactly why they are in a rut. How exactly will this help?!

Everyone already throws in a random Hades or Gaston or the like specifically for this reason, despite them contributing no actual worth to the defence team.

Not surprised at all to see that those who’d already seen this had the same feedback.

It has been the overwhelming feedback over a number of years that the Quick Win bonus ruins what could be a fun mode.


Honestly this gives the impression, however factual it may be, that the recent mass layoff was basically the complete DH team and the new team has no background knowledge of the game on which to make decisions :fearful:


It is funny how things start to turn opposite a lot nowadays.

Yes, Quick Fights being glorified is about as much fix for Challenger Seasons as was Zeus’ damage being nerfed.

Aka no fix at all. But I kind of stopped caring since the team does not seem to listen a bit more. Sad, but true.


I mean, maybe having the Quick Fight bonus degrade slowly over the course of the entire fight will prevent too many people from ending up with identical point totals, but still, this is just going to cause an even greater stagnation of the meta, as everyone builds their teams around heroes that revive and are invincible after doing so. Instead of having three or four heroes showing up in roughly 40-60% of teams, but a decent amount of variety outside of that, we’ll probably end up with two or three heroes in 75% of teams, and only another 6-10 heroes that appear even more than 5% of the time.

This is going to make for a really weird Challenger season, as those who are paying attention and build their teams accordingly will have a huge advantage over those who expect it to be more of the same.

I’m still of the opinion that a much better option would be trying to make the Quick Win bonus and the potential Bonus Point totals being roughly equal (or even somewhat favoring the Bonus Points), but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. :man_shrugging:


You finally listen what I spoke for a months.

I can add (like all the time): OFF DUTY heroes per every week. It would make game more fair and dynamic.

So, by off duty I mean that we are NOT ALLOWED to put heroes in defense line, but in attack we can.

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If I Loose do I get points or no

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I don’t think you will get points for losing.

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But what happens

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How ya qf teams like hades ect

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What do you mean?

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Oh never mind I can not believe you are changing everything

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Not anymore, apparently.

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