IMPORTANT: Changes to the next Arena Challenger Season

What do you mean

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Uh oh.


What in the world is this update? People would try their best to prolong the battle as much as possible. That is not nice!

If you want to improve Arena and Coli, the thing you should do is making Slow Win counted. Like, the longer the fight last, the higher score we would get. That way, people would try to put their strongest team for defense. Not a ton of dead-and-revive heroes :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Removing the Quick Win, keeping the Bonus Point Rules and not allowing attacker to use the heroes in the defense team would make Arena and Coli more dynamics.

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This sounds more of a wait and see for me. Plus Arena and Coliseum is becoming rough for me, as most times I have a hard time defeating other players (especially some of them using the same characters, no offense). Again, I appreciate something you have in mind, and I’ll wait to see how it turns out. :+1:


Wooopp! Bad idea…


No, that’s a great idea.


Hey I can make you save time. This new system is totally dumb.
Everyone will play John silver with olaf disk 5* and 4 dumb tanks.
Hurrrray !
The end of Ian, megara, mad hatter, Hadès, joy. For that ? Really ?
I know you won’t listen to me but please listen to others, many are smarter than you.


Joy was already useless because of her bug, since few months!


You should’ve done the opposite - remove Quick Win bonuses and keep the Victory Points and Bonus Point Rules.


If the whole point of this is to shake up the meta… then it’ll objectively fail to do so.
The only reason to diversify the teams were to try and squeeze out as much bonus points as possible as quick wins were functionally impossible for most people because of the sheer amount of the stalling heroes.

The teams weren’t even HARD, they just didn’t DIE.

Interestingly, you actually had accidently made some progress by making the Baymax + Cinderella + Auroa combo as utterly busted as it is but all THAT did was introduce one of the most OP team comps that requires mirror counters to work, we’re actually back to the Randall days. (off topic, I’m still unreasonably ticked off at just how OP Baymax’s shields are now because while he did need improvement what he got is just overkill. ESPECIALLY because the only realistic way to get rid of them is buff removal and OH LOOK, CINDY AND SLEEPY SPECIALISE IN THAT!.. I just don’t like mirror countering. It lazy)

But… okay, look, if you REALLY want the meta to change, then the bonus points HAVE to matter more than the quick win ones. As is, there was no point because you’d get, at most 2/3s quick win points if you managed to max out the bonus ones. What you’re doing NOW is ensureing everyone uses the likes of Hades, Quasi, Gaston, Olal, ANYONE who can reasonably out stall an attack.


That’s funny… If it adds shortcut on Arena and Colosseum on this game. Also makes bad critical

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Might be why they decided to put Pocahontas there.

Whales got her maxed, most F2Ps can have her maxed too in different way.

But even then she’s not godalmighty so most probably majority would just stop caring for Arena and Coli… which contributes to people leaving… which might be exactly what PerBlue devs secretly want (or maybe not who knows :man_shrugging:)

… Though we know less active players = less server lag so… maaaaybe it is true?


100% agree with you there Numi


Okay, here’s the new plan. We’ll scrap the changes that we have here in the original post, but would still like to try something new. The next Challenger Season will have the following changes:

Victory Bonus and Bonus Points are back!

  • Victory Bonus has been reverted back to its original values of 1000 / 3000
  • Bonus Points are now Normal Damage Dealt and Heroes Remaining

Quick Win Bonus has been removed

Again, this is just sort of a beta test for the duration of the season. This hasn’t been committed permanently, and we’ll see how things are at the end of the Season and decide how we want to proceed.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your honest feedback! I’ll make a post to collect general thoughts about how the DH Community thinks Challenger can be more fun and engaging.


Fantastic news Samm!!!


Best news of this century!

Thank you for listening.


That’s good thing, and you definitely should do that, but just… avoid quick fight points! They were the worst part of PVP.



And… it would be very nice to see this rule to appear again, it was unique and gave a great shake-up.


Feedback post is here!

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