Increase Guild Perks

We really could use more guild perks. Add some new perks, increase levels on perks with levels, reduce timer on consumables…and add more consumables. This seems like a no brainer…


Yeah AC!
Many Guilds have maxed their perk now Lets Hope future brings Patch with Perk Update

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Will we ever see the 2x Drop Chapters and 2x Drop Elite perks advance beyond Chapter 22? Will the Team XP Catch Up perk ever go over team level 100? Will we ever get more Guild Contest perks? And if the developers are struggling to think of perks to add or extend, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt anything to add a couple more levels to the shop discount, surge buff, or invasion buff perks.

I realize that making money and patching bugs have to take precedence, but it just doesn’t seem that hard to add on a few obvious perks, just as it doesn’t seem like it should be hard to create a City Watch Reset consumable to give as a reward in Challenger, instead of forcing the recipients to run multiple City Watches the following day if they don’t want to waste their reward.


Nicely said @Jody_Caviness :grin:

I agree like the kraken… release the guild perks. reduce guild help limits (to five levels under instead of ten to maybe none), increase hire help from level 3 to five, more gems and energy per checkin, increase double drop chances for levels like @Jody_Caviness said , maybe a double gems offer if do offers like tapjoy offers etc, the needs and choices are endless.


Great ideas @Captain_C

Though some can be done as quality of life improvements, have been saying we need more for awhile…:man_shrugging:

Just Noticed That People who have wrote in this thread all are of S2 :upside_down_face:

3%dbl drops is bit low ,10% would be better value

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