Incredibile concept

If someone made a hocus pocus book concept I have a right to make the incredibile

Stars 1 (car is 1 syllable)
“This car will do anything I’ll say”
The incredibile may be inanimate but it has a hero’s will(?)
Backline damage
Yellow team

Entrance (the incrediblile vrooms onscreen
Victory: it does donuts
Defeat: It crumpled up sad.
Basic attack: the incredibile fires a rocket

White skill Thruster charge
The incredibile thrusts into all enemies dealing x fantastic damage and stunning them for 3 seconds. The incredible gains x skill power and 20% armor and a shield with x hp per enemy stunned for the rest of the wave, The incredibile keeps 50-120% of this boost. Mr incredible also applies 3 stacks of weakness for 8 seconds whenever an enemy loses or resists stun

Green skill ejecto seats
Whenever an enemy reaches the incredibile or any backline hero while there is a non backline hero on your team the increeibile ejects the enemy dealing x normal damage and knocking all of them back and apply 1-3 stacks of weakness for 5 second

Blue skill Incredibile Escape!!

Incredibile deals x normal damage whenever he enters the fight and occasionally escapes into the offscreen to enter the fight again dealing x more normal damage then before. This also applies a stack of weakness for 12 seconds per time the incredibile has entered the battle this battle.

Purple skill follow boat

Incredibile’s skills deal a bonus x true damage and gains 50 energy whenever another non backline ally hero damages an enemy with with weakness.

Red skill Voice activated.

The incredibile applies the number of stacks of weakness a defeated enemy has to all other enemies for 10 seconds and deals x fantastic damage to the enemy with the highest number of stacks of weakness per stack of weakness on all other enemies.

Battle badge activated whenever an enemy exceeds 8 stacks of weakness. (Can trigger multiple times.)

Effect: x% more attack speed
X more basic damage
X more skill power
X% more damage with Incredibile escape Escape!!

Friendship with Mr incredible

Mr incredible forgot how to drive so Kermit decided to teach him

Friendship disk driving basicz
Has a 50% chance to apply 1-6 stacks of weakness for 5 seconds to all enemies.

X basic damage increase
X normal crit increase

Fr8endship with mater and lightning McQueen

Mater decides to ask the incredibile where he got the paint job but he is the silent type.

Friendship disk A buttered case.
The incredibile gains 5 stacks of hardy at the start of each wave.

X max hp
X skill power

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Weakened is very underused and they made the mayor and meilin lee op

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