Infected nodes are back?

Infected nodes are back? Server 2, and some people are reporting they see them, others not, along with antivirus items being back…



Hopefully they will return to all servers.

Wait… they left??

New infections don’t happen automatically anymore, but existing infections stay until they are cleared If you have virus consumable items you are able to manually trigger infections if you want.


Ngl I miss that to an extent. In all honesty it would make sense if the feature returned EXCLUSIVELY for stages in “The Hub”. That would be some middle ground.


sounds good… if PB would return infected modes in any way the problem with disk power wouldn’t that annoying as now.
and it’s always some ‘‘new’’ content and a good challenge.

are these items can return to the daily deal routine?

I’ll pass along the feedback!


And if it was in the Hub, not many people will complain since most of the badge bits required to get a character to Yellow (SAY for Prize Wall are in Chapters up to 38 anyway)

Hum… . An idea could be to have an Infected Mode rather than having the Infected Stages been in the main story mode/badge grind mode, like a mode after Elite that had had pop-up challenges like Infected Stages and maybe other types of infections/challenges.

Given that many players aren’t after the extra challenges and might get stuck I think it is best to maybe have the Infected States be in a different mode or like a Dark World to the Light World that you can turn on a lens to say that look for infected zones.

Thoughts on this? :-).


But chapters 39-50 as of now would probably hurt no one in fact… For top characters you use Badge Crates, for bottom there are chapters 1-38 (some would probably argue that it´s more like 15-38… yes.)

enemies on infected stages are reduced by 1 after each failed fight… and every 10 levels they go down by a rank, so you can’t be stuck a long time…
also, that’s just giving extra tasks for the team and as for now… everything takes ages to be developed and brought to life(game), so no, it’s just better to straight-up return infected modes without any complications.

and those who are, are just supposed to wait a year, like for filter?

idea good, but too long and it’s just pointless when the solution is so easy.
a similar thing is in Mirrorverse… Expert Mode

Technically added more to my post since you started replying I see, but yeah I will say, not everyone is after the extra challenge, so it might lock them out of grinding spots.

I get what you mean in terms of Badge Booster Crates, but sometimes one have to spend some badges in order to get to the next rank, so I do think it isn’t ideal either away to risk the chance of being locked out of badge grind spots they need.

Beside, many don’t know how to be efficient in terms of the Badge Booster Crates, so it would ultimately likely have a higher chance of affecting the general high rank player population in a bad way, while those know how to be efficient in terms of the Badge Booster Crates more so aren’t affected by being stuck on Infected Stages.
Many while high ranked don’t necessarily used new characters, so they would have a lot harder time clearing the stage overall as such.

So yeah, that’s my view on it at least.


SEGA Heroes was supposed to have a Hard Mode near its global release. Till its closure it did not happen (and that was 2 years). So you are likely right, if anything we will wait for a “successor” of Infected Nodes for a year (min.), but more likely 2 or more. That´s if the game is still working by then.

But… Musk explained it. You can just fail over and over again and reduce the spot next to nothing.

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I remember some players complaining that that didn’t work for them. Whether there really was some bug at work, or they weren’t paying attention to the level numbers of the creeps and just gave up after three failures, I don’t know, but I did get tired of the complaints.

Anyway, I’m wondering if maybe PerBlue could just add viruses back to the diamond bundle rotation. It’s not like anything currently being offered is worth spending diamonds on, after all.

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If they were at a good rate, then yes. Otherwise I can´t be bothered.

SAY 50 for 200 diamonds seems good to me. I could get as low as the Skill Point Consumables rate. But not below that.

it worked fine…
and I guess Kira will say it’s expensive as it cost stamina… yes 1 stamina per try, so like only 20 stamina to bring enemies 20 levels and 2 ranks lower, and so on. it’s cheap. and it doesn’t take long.
not to mention is… impossible for one to not have any newer heroes upgraded like Shego, Ron, Zeus, Bolt… and even older heroes like Dash or Jessie will also make it easy to walk through the infected modes.
and if someone just run with upgraded Ralph… it’s their problem at the end :woman_shrugging:
there’s the forum, FB, discord and other places to seek help, definitely, some will help to choose for them who to upgrade. even global chat…

hopefully… it was like 100 viruses for 1000 diamonds, which is still good
anti-viruses were very cheap tho… back then.

In terms of having to beat the same stage over and over again to decrease its power is a theoretical decent solution, but I think it mainly works for the Achiever type of players compared to the Explorer type of players.

Explorer players often dislike repetitive content, and while yes one can maybe have some strategic testing while one try to decrease the power, I don’t think Explorer players like myself are too happy to take on the same stage many times in order to beat it due to its power being artificial increased.

Something to consider.

As for the Infected Stages mode, while a bit easier answer than a realistic solution maybe, I assume it could maybe be theoretical possible to copy the current code for the normal mode and rename the mode and add in the Infected Stages code, and then rename it to represent the new Infected Stages mode.
Probably not going to work, but it is an theoretical idea to copy paste to save time.

All this said though, if PerBlue make the Anti-Virus items easy enough to get then the challenge aspect are taken care off and as such and not risking getting stuck permanently :-).

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… that completely doesn’t make sense

so if they hate repetitive things… why they would hate a new type of nodes… infected stages.
instead of only clicking RAID button over and over to get enough bits to craft the badge…

yes, they were easy to get… and cheap.
1000 of these was for like 500 diamonds back then.
or 1 = 1 :thinking:

hard to be stuck.

Ah I meant like having to do the same thing over and over again like trying to beat the same stage over and over again, however like quick Raiding negated that aspect some and make it easier for Explorers to more quickly do what they prefer.

And yes, if the Anti-Virus are easily available then it shouldn’t be a huge issue likely :-).


sooooooo… problem solved… there’s nothing to be worried.

hopefully, PB will bring infected back, maybe even for 3.6 update before Christmas :smiley:
would be great.

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