Invasion Rewards and Mods

We’ve been listening to the feedback regarding this week’s changes to Invasion progress rewards and wanted to further clarify our thoughts on those changes.

Our goal with the Invasion feature is to focus on Mods and Mod Power as rewards. The other rewards available in Invasion are meant to be secondary since there are other ways to get them in game.

We hear that some people don’t feel like Mods are a meaningful enough part of the hero progression. We’ve been deliberate in rolling out power to Mods because we want to make sure they’re not too powerful. To encourage more players to use Mods we started by awarding more Mod Power. The next step in our plan is to double the stat boosts on all Mods.

This change is planned to roll out next week with the 1.10 update. Thanks for your feedback and we’ll continue to keep an eye on how the Mods feature evolves.


I don’t get why you guys are so steadfast in your mindset when people are so upset by this let alone are leaving in droves


Well, sorry. But where?
This 1 stamina pack once per week from weekly quest?
Only invasion was a way to catch up a little with P2W players, now is literally nothing to do and invasion will be still bad since there is nothing rewarding.


I expected nothing, at least I’m not disappointed


If the invansion s rewards wont be improved it could rsult in many off the users leaveing and causeing the game shutdown


I much rather have the Invasion rewards. The rewards from invasion was the only way I could actually keep up being mostly F2P. Personally mods even doubled are kinda useless. The rewards were the driving factor for participation, that driving factor is no longer there. This is the same tactic that has been done in the pass when a feature damn near everyone enjoyed changed. “Deal with it or move on” which is quite the slap in the face, especially the players who have been now playing this for the last year.

Add more tiers and put the rewards on those.


The problem is, the rewards were the primary reason everyone played Invasion, not the secondary.


And with that statement you pit the nail in the coffin, the "other ways to get those amounts of xp or gold aren’t enough to be compared with what was a life saver for many (include me) players.

And the currency the badge and memory market? Well the only way to obtain them is by the bundles for real money. No other way to get them.

This is the 3° big mess up you have done to the community, i don’t know why i expected some good response because “we are celebrating our anniversary”. don’t expect to see a increase player base again. More sure prepare to consider server merging soon.


What you just said we heard you complaining and everyone is leaving but screw our player base we are not changing. The change is complete crap and is just a money grab but had backfired because people are quitting in droves most rewards were cut down to 30% stamina was cut over 90% . I spend 20-30 bucks a month but I’m not spending anymore and will probably quit after the year anniversary. Oww this was a great way to reward players who have been with you for over a year


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few of your customers are at all interested in the Mods. There’s sooooo much else to work on for toons before investing THAT MUCH time and effort into a little boost - badges, gold, stars are waaaayyyy more important and require their own time. If your end goal for Invasion was Mod Power, you should’ve started it out that way. Only your bored customers are gonna bother with the time-suck that is invasion if the only real output is Mod Power because they’re about done with the rest of the stuff anyway (until next update - then they’ll be bored inside of a week again). No one else has the time or energy to invest in invasion if they get little to no useful resources out of it.
I’m gonna post your reply in our guild chat - and already know i’ll lose two players - taking bets on how many the final number will be. By the way, we’re the number 2 guild. we have a few bored players, a few f2p players and a whole lot of in between. the in between don’t like this either. Bait and Switch - completely.


Why the huge cut in rewards. Invasion requires a decent amount of time for a mobile game each day. At the moment even the amount of shards we get each week to upgrade mods isn’t enough to do more than 2 level 1 mods.

While we can indeed obtain these items elsewhere it almost always comes with a real money cost. Surely a compromise in rewards could be trialed such as 50% of what they first were.


Agree with most of the concerns and comments already listed. I would prefer the other rewards more than mod power.

Also, increasing the effective of mods would only further increase the gap between f2p and p2p players since to get more than one mod a week, you have to purchase with diamonds.


The problem is, the amount of the mod power increased doesn’t equate to the amount of the decreased secondary rewards. What I mean is, the decrease is greater than the increase.


same way you butchered skill costs and still no fix on diamond deals for new servers


Additionally, heroes (O5) can reach almost 40k BD or/and SP but let’s make it more realistic and say 20k more for current big part of meta heroes.
1k less or more of BD or SP doesn’t make huge (or even tiny) change, everything is still based on OP heroes not mods, playing without mod is still possible and won’t make difference to cry over on mods.

Doubling stats of mods isn’t enough to make them useful how it should be to focus on them and waste A LOT of time on invasion.
Or wait… now I waste time again, over 200 comments about invasion rewards and only conclusion which you make is doubling mod power and stats. That’s sick, I really loved this game but all these changes just push me further from this game.


i also really like how you want to clarify your thoughts. i’m guessing we haven’t been clear enough either. you’ll be surprised how many of us are done giving you chances. we don’t want you to justify your actions; we want you to act like you really are listening. because all i got from your response today was, “yup, we hear ya, but here’s why we did it.” what i wanted to hear was “well, this was our thinking, but we understand that wasn’t communicated well to begin with, so perhaps we can find a more reasonable medium”. it’s like you’re not even trying…


Clearly not listening to the feedback of your customers. Words mean nothing at this point my fellow players. This is a truly sad display of response to an amazing community, PB has completely overlooked and underestimated the bond of this player base, this will hit hard. I am very disappointed in the lack of action from PB.
A Former Spender


Hum… . I hope things will go alright enough in the end, even if it will take a bit.

I think the players who will still play are the kind of people who play for the characters and their stories, which I am one of as I like story content.

I will likely still play Invasion for daily quests at least, but how much beside for daily quests I don’t know yet.

Still, thanks for replying to us Polaris and appreciate that :-).

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This is as they say “the straw that broke the camels back”. I’m finished with this game and this company. Time after time you have screwed over players and changed something that didn’t need changing. You give no thought to the players, just to your own financial gain. Invasion seemed like a great addition after the economy shake up. We had more opportunitys to gain gold and xp so those that were upset with that change had some way to maintain hero strength. Now with Invasion rewards being slashed down to such a miniscule percent than before just makes Invasion pointless. The mode was fun but I never played for mods, I don’t know anyone that really did. I have spent hours of my days playing this game over the past year, but now this game has dug it’s own grave.