Inventor Of Chill (Contest Entry)

This is my submission for the Disney-mas concept contest!

Jack Frost


“What do I get? A few runny noses and some dead citrus.”

The Inventor of chill Jack Frost uses his ice powers to put his enemies on, well, ice.

Stars: :star: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Front
Trial Team: Blue
Entrance: Teleports into position with the Escape Clause
Victory: Fixes his tie and smiles (if he is in his Santa form he will chuckle)
Defeat: Starts to get mad and he teleports away with the Escape Clasue (if he is in his Santa form he will turn back to normal)
Attack: Throws a snowball

White Skill: Merry Frostmas (Normal Damage)
Passive: Jack Frost’s basic attacks freezes enemies for 4 seconds.

Active: Jack Frost will turn into Santa for 6 seconds and begins to stomp, dealing X damage, slowing enemy movement speed by 60% for 5 seconds, and knocking them back. While as Santa, Jack Frost receives 60% less damage from all sources.

Green Skill: Cold Case (Fantastic Damage)
Jack Frost will fire frosty wind at the frontmost enemies, dealing X damage per second for 6 seconds and freezing them for 8 seconds.

The freeze has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Winter Control (Fantastic Damage)
Jack Frost uses his frigokenesis to remove all freezes and slows on allies and turns it into a snowstorm. The snowstorm will deal X damage to all enemies and randomly apply all freezes and slows removed. If there were no freezes or slows on allies he will freeze all enemies for 6 seconds.

Purple Skill: Escape Clause
Once per wave, 7 seconds after Jack Frost is KO’d, he returns with the Escape Clause as Santa and heals X HP. Jack Frost stays as Santa for 6 seconds.

Red Skill: Invented Chill
Enemies that evade freezes or slows will receive 3 stacks of “Fatigue”. Each stack of “Fatigue” will block one buff from being applied and is then removed.

Enemies freezed or slowed while already frozen or slowed will receive 35% of their reality as bonus fantastic damage while also having that amount of reality removed from them.

This has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Max HP
+X Skill Power
+X Damage to “Merry Frostmas”

Friendship Disks:

Jack Frost-Elsa
Frozen Wonderland
Weakening To Frozen Enemies
+X Reality
+Enemies lose X Basic Damage and X armor after being frozen
• Freezes remove 10 (+10 per star level) Normal Crit, Fantastic Crit, Armor Negation, and Reality negation.

Jack Frost-Jack Skellington
Second Santas
Santa Form Heals Over Time
+X Skill Power
+X Armor to Jack Frost and allies for the first 5 seconds of each wave. Effect is permanent if there is at least 1 Control role enemy.
• Allies heal 5% (+5 per star level) of Jack Frost’s Max HP per second while Jack Frost is Santa.


Thanks for the submission!!

You’re welcome!

Pushing this up so people can see it!

Hi I was planning to enter in the competition, I want to make Jack frost too but mine is this one

That’s dreamworks, not Disney

It has to be from Disney? : (

I checked the rules and it hasn´t to be

Ah, ok. It’s called Disney-mas so I thought it had to be Disney

It has to be from a disney/pixar film

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