iOS crashing after 1.7


Yep same issue with iPad mini. I posted another topic


I’m having the same issue. I bought the Quorra chip bundle and when i logged in again it just dissapeared. Now my game is constantly crashing and I lost her chips. I really want to solve this problems because I want her chips and it’s now expired. I contacted support but they said that I didn’t bought anything. I even took a screenshot to show my friend and my internet connection was fine, since I send to her at the minute I bought it


Losing war attacks for my guild because of these crashes

Hope you have got something to make up for all these problems for your iOS users or do you want a whole playerbase to quit as I’m getting to that point


Ridiculous update both in Gold and Stamina, but also crashing every 10 minutes of play is costing a fortune in rewards so what is the point in staying with the game if you can’t fix in Per blue?


Ok quick update. The crashing is getting worse, particularly in the coliseum. The game crashes every time I try to play. Sometimes it crashes a few seconds after hitting the fight button on the select heroes page, other times it crashes mid-fight. And for every crash, the game counts a battle fought, so I’m losing my ability to progress. In fact, at the time of my typing this, I have four days til I get demoted, and I can’t finish a single battle because of the crashing!


I’m experiencing the crash too. iPad Air. Happens a lot in battle or when starting them, but has occurred when just looking at the screen.


I have the same issue on marvel strike. Something was that changed to the animations or graphics is likely the issue, my problems there and here started after recent updates. It’s worse here than there though, here it’s random random every 5 to 10 minute crashes


This needs to be a priority as it is now impacting all aspects of the game


Yeah should be priority, quick to put up a reply message to gold issues but nothing for this game breaking bug


I am very disappointed with perblue regarding the constant crashes for certain iOS users and devices. Over a week and all I get for my support tickets is be patient. Give us something because my patience is waring thin …


I’ve been telling my guildies about my crashing troubles. A couple of them have been telling me to delete the game and reinstall it and that my progress won’t be erased if I do so. I just wanted to verify if that is true. If I delete the game from my iPhone, will all of my progress still be there when I reinstall it?


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Before you delete the game, be sure you have it connected to Facebook or Game Center as a recovery method. Then you’ll be able to recover your account when you reinstall.

We don’t have any new information about what is causing this issue, but we will continue to try and fix it.


Has to be something to do with the battle animation, I can go through menus and chat no problem as soon as I load a fight or in a battle it crashes


Actually my chat could sometimes act glitch and at one point it actually did crash


Yeah actually happend to me aswell after posting my messsge lol, maybe more frequent during a battle


Thanks for the info!


I’m using Android 9 and the came crashes all the time too. It even restarts my device sometimes when it crashes…


And they wont do anything about this for another whole month…

Thank you for the failed gw, heist, arena and coli attacks bec of app crashing… and considering giving compensation that we all know that could never happen and for addressing the issue of the revert of gold and xp…

You really did a good job knowing you still have lots of people who love to play disney… @Polaris


So many complainers… As @polaris said - They are trying to fix the app crash issue - so rather than moan and groan and not be helpful in anyway - maybe as @Polaris mentioned above - help them to sort the cause of the issues… But i suppose - you do all like to complain…