iOS crashing after 1.7


List of bugs encountered so far

  1. the app keeps on crashing
    a) when doing campaign
    b) when i attack in surge (attached screenshots)
    c) when i attack in arena (attached screenshots)

  2. it app freezes

  3. it keeps on crashing haha

As expected to your update… the game got worse @Polaris
Not only the gameplay but also the game itself…



The attached screenshots seem to be unrelated.


I can barely keep the app working more than 5 minutes at a time after the update.


1st Photo, while im attacking the surge, app crash…

2nd photo, the screen freeze… look at the image its not on full image yet…

3rd photo, i attack in arena and the app crash again! So i didnt finish the attack and got deduction for my attack…

And even browsing on skills, friendship etc i toons, it keep on crashing… @The_Eavesdropper


The app works fine for me.

Only bug is this huge cost increase in skill points


Awwww im using iphone6… maybe bec my phone is so dinosaur hahaha good to hear that app crashing is mine to keep lols @Meatsqueezer


Mine crashes constantly too. I’m using iPad Air … works fine on my iPhone XS Max


@Defender_Sparkle Are you using the same account on both devices, or do you have 2 different accounts? We’re trying to track down the cause of this issue.


I also am using an iPad Air and have the same issue


I am using an iPad2 mini and it’s constantly crashing after the patch, it was one of the more stable games before. It crashes in many places. So it’s hard to pin down one thing that causes it.


I’m on IPhone 6 and the game keeps crashing doing pretty much everything, attacks, setting up attacks, browsing the menus

Every 5 mins it feels like tried deleting the app, hard restart my device, cleared cache and still it crashes. Losing fights and attacks in all modes.

The game just crashes and closes the app and takes me to my app screen on my phone so I have to reload the game


My game keeps crashing too. Getting extremely frustrated.


And even in gw the app crash… now my attack is wasted haha thanks for the big update… as expected… the game is really ruined… not just in gold and xp but the entire game… @Polaris


You phone is a dinosaur?! I’m on an iPhone 5s!


In the past, for the most part, this game has been pretty stable on my phone. There have been times when the game will lag and freeze for a few seconds, but it would always resume its normal function after the freeze. This is probably just because my iPhone is kinda old (5s). But ever since the 1.7 patch, the game has started crashing all the time. Trying to start a fight, look at a hero’s stats or skills or anything on the hero page. It can happen pretty much anywhere. It seems to happen when I try to load something quickly, say for example, entering the hero page and then quickly tapping on a hero or scrolling down the page. Or entering Surge and then quickly tapping on a region. I most commonly see crashing when I prepare for a fight. Say I want to fight someone in the arena. I tap the fight button, then it takes me to the select your heroes page. If the heroes I want to use are already there, I just hit the fight button and it usually crashes. It also happens when I want to select different heroes, may that be scrolling through the list of heroes or selecting or deselecting heroes quickly. This isn’t limited the arena. This same scenario can happen in any of the campaigns, Surge, Heist, War, Invasion, City Watch, Colesseum, any of them. It’s most annoying when I try to fight an ambush or a thief in Heist. The game crashes, I reload the game and go back into the Heist. The fight with the thief has started, but I can’t go into it to fight it, so I’m forced to lose it when the time runs out. I would really like to see a hot fix come out for this serious bug as soon as possible.


We are still working on this issue. We know it’s no fun to have the game be so unstable. We will be releasing an update as soon as we have a fix ready!


It would be helpful to the team if some of you who are experiencing this could send us the logs from your device. If you are a developer and know how to do this, we’d appreciate the extra data.

  1. Open Xcode with your iOS device connected to your mac
  2. Go to Window -> Devices and Simulators -> View Device Logs
  3. Sort by time (most recent)
  4. Right click on the most recent DH log and choose “export”
  5. Email the file to support - be sure to include ATTN: Polaris iOS Crash at the beginning of your message.


Edit to add:

If you aren’t a developer and want to help, try quitting any background apps that are running on your device and let us know if that makes it better or now. Another step to try is restarting your device and then launching the game - better or not?



Can’t help as I don’t have a Mac but as I said in my post in this thread I have done the following

  • Deleted the app and reinstalled
  • Hard restarted my device
  • closed all background apps
  • cleared cache


I am having crashes on my iPhone, server one, and a different account on my iPad, server nine.


Any updates on this ? I hope this problem is top priority