Is it just me?

Is it just me or does Fred seem a bit off? His inbattle character for some reason doesn’t have his sign on fire at all despite when you look at him normally. And for some odd reason his purple skill says that it won’t work at level lvl! Excuse me but I’m pretty sure lvl is not a number xD

This has already been brought up in the Known Issues thread. With all due respect, it’s definitely not just you.


You’re not the only one that have the issue.

It is a known issue that is being worked on right now!


I haven’t seen it before on him when I use him but I think I never saw him do that

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Please do not revive dead topics like this, especially when they’re about issues that have already been resolved. Thank you!


Adding to what Myeong said: This guide should be really helpful, especially since you´re new here.

(Quoting so it sends you a notification since I forgot to reply to you :P)

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