Is more paywalled content planned?

Saw this posted on a fan Discord server:
Is this going to be a regular occurrence, locking trials (or other content?) behind explicit paywalls? And we can’t even see what we get from the trial, or whether the resets cost any resources, or what the restrictions are, until we buy it?

I realize PerBlue needs to find new ways to make money in order to keep the game going, but I can’t say I’m happy with this development…



@TheGrillFather the Exclusive Crates are a worrying Pay To Play style element that I never want to see in a free mobile game. All the game’s playable content should be available to everyone.

This thing here, is too far. Literally Pay To Play in it’s most blatant form. P2W is one thing, this is another.

Please let’s never have such an event again.


Smh… again taking five steps back. The stamaia gains boost from end of last year a lot better then what it used to be , but then say it was unhealthy and taking double stamina events away and now this…… as said before it’s always one step foward five steps back in this game. The only reason why people took advantage of it to catch up Becuase the lack of quality of life improvements to the game were made for an unhealthy amount of time. I get u had priorities , but alot were not the priorty the players requested. Smh.

I know we keep saying every year the game is ending bc of bugs and stuff and keep being proven wrong, but stuff like this pushes the narrative again. This is not equal chances for every gamer style as u all say u honor in this game , while actions like this show complete opposite.


If a lot of people pay for this, it will happen again. We all know they don’t care about our feedbacks or suggestions.

As long as they have revenue, they couldnt care less


The feedback is called capitalism. You buy, you vote for yes. Don´t buy, you vote for no. :man_shrugging:

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The pay to play is indeed something I wouldn’t want to see.

I get it from a business side of thing, but I’d much rather have those trials with very high stamina cost resets in comparison to this. There you can at least play once as an F2P player. Here you are just totally excluded…


I mean, this is basically just weekend trials excluding the only F2P reset…

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How can you get that many coins & diamonds? I want get that much too :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

1 Trillion? I got 11 Trillions.


What the use for 11 Trillion if you max all toons :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:?

Anyway out of topic, I didn’t see “bonus stamina buys” Anymore, is this event remove permanently? @TheGrillFather

It was mentioned in another topic that the team was looking into the stamina balance in early December and found out it was “unhealthy”.
Which, to a degree, I can agree with. But the real reason was giving away tons of stamina cost resets in deals IMO. Irreversible thing now to say the least.

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We want to assure you that our game is designed for pure enjoyment, with spending being entirely at your discretion. Your positive experience is our priority. We also want to reward spending players that we’re thankful for their continued support for the game. We want to show our appreciation for all our players, but sometimes we’d like to give spending users the opportunity to showcase or earn exclusive content.

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This is fine! We’ve no problem with this (relatively speaking) :slight_smile:

Restricting to spending users the opportunity to play the game, which is what this was, is a different kettle of fish :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally I don’t think other “spending players” have as much research done on the badge crafting and such… cause otherwise they would not spend any stamina or disk power on the pitiful crates, which those “exclusive” and “energy” exchange crates sadly are.
Most of the time they give another resource worth ~1/100 of what you paid for it in stamina.

In other words, there is nothing an exclusive crate for stamina/disk power can do better than a wish crate. And since you are giving tens of thousands of those in deals along stamina and other things…

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It’s still an actual, playable trial event that was strictly pay-to-play. Even if you want to make the argument that there was little difference between it and other special trial events that we’ve been getting once or twice a month over the past year, that’s still a part of the game that only spenders were able to access. And while there haven’t been many trials able to hit that sweet spot between “boringly easy” and “frustratingly difficult” for me, the few we’ve had have been among my favorite events of the year.

If you want to design trials so that it’ll be difficult to earn some of the cosmetic awards without spending, fine; I wish I could have gotten the Olaf border, but if it’s meant as a reward for players more willing to spend regularly on the game, I can accept that. If you want to introduce a trial that people can play for free for just a limited number of times, but then have to pay for resets, that’s just a half-step past what we’re seeing with current reset costs, so that wouldn’t bother me either. All I want is there to not be any more events that are strictly and precisely pay-to-play; that’s what I object to.


Just make sure sometimes means sometimes… to us ftp we relay on anything we can get our hands on, and with cutting our stamina Becuase you guys said it was unhealthy, removing prize walls for months that helped us build resources, not decreasing badge costs as new rank colors , etc… the only thing unhealthy is the gap between the spenders and non.

Spenders should have a slight advantage; not a huge one as is the case with the one good thing, and five things backwards we keep posting here (like at least bring back the more gems u spend, the more stamina u get with such)

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I can confirm this looking at the one other game I play. Compared to that one spenders have a huge advantage even when spending $20.

  1. While F2P players have 12 resets, spending players can get 52. That is a comparative advantage of having +333,33% more resets.

  2. Diamonds - same… a $20 deal can get you either 20k diamonds… or a $50 deal gives you 40,000 wish crates which are bound to give you a ton of diamonds.
    F2Ps get Arena, Coliseum… and that’s about it for main sources.
    300 minimum (usually the maximum is never over 600) a day, one gets roughly 10k diamonds over a month.
    And $20 get you 20k… Like okey…

  3. Stamina - you started to give stamina cost resets in deals ALONGSIDE Stamina Consumables. And then you say the Stamina is disbalanced and have to raise the costs.
    Excuse me, but you brought that on yourself offering thousands of stamina cost resets in deals, again giving spending players (which can buy thousands of diamonds indirectly) another advantage…

I am speaking from a position of a spending player… and I dislike it.
None of the modes give anything of value except… Buy More Stamina.
Totally none. Invasion, War, Special Crates, whatever else you name - none of them gives anything even slightly worth glancing over now.
In a way, I clap you. You managed to make every aspect of the game so insignificant that the game itself was reduced to “buy stamina with diamonds - spend that stamina - leave”.


I mean…that’s totally right, and there are ways already, with exclusive cosmetics and overall ability to complete the hardest difficulties, which F2Ps might struggle with. Probably the same could be said about new characters, as Battle Pass is about to get more valuable. With these though, I’m not sure. It pretty much bans a mode, not taking an ability to get the higher rewards, but to play in general. Especially considering that this game gives way less joy than before. Lack of Prize Wall, new characters and badge designs, technical issues and terrible character balance. So, paywall is just another needle in the back.


Thank you for sharing your feedback. We’ll review the concerns about the Event Trials and consider adjusting the resets and rewards to enhance the overall experience :slightly_smiling_face:


Over time I’ve figured out that my saving stamina consumables to use after a few months is good and to just keep stocking up on gold, just from getting it from raiding different levels. From doing that I’ve saved up to 90 billion gold from going slowly to save this.

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