Is there still interest in Mickey for Mayor?

For the uninitiated in late 2020, I started an arg style code hunt to unravel a mystery. It first started in a private message but eventually led onto a thread on the public side of the forum. It led off forum onto Twitter and Fandom a few times. It eventually led to the announcement that I was working on a fangame titled “Mickey for Mayor” that would continue the mystery. I released the Prologue on the forum but ultimately chose to wait until I could actually develop it as an app. So that is what I have been doing behind the scenes. For over a year now, with a group on and off forum helping me. I’m nearing a point where I’m satisfied with a first version of it. But I’m left to wonder if interest in it has fizzled out. Aside from a few friends, does anyone still care?
Links to previous threads for those who either want a refresher or weren’t on the forums at the time:

Is this interesting? Do you care?

I just read the Step 3 transmission thread and my mind was blown. This is super cool! I am definitely still interested. I’ll have to study up on decoding stuff.

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