It's harvest season (remake-cept)



Rabbit supports his allies by harvesting crops and blocking his garden just in case

“This is Rabbit’s garden and Rabbit does his harvesting by the BOOK!”


Trial team: Red
Role: Support
Position: Backline
Stars: :star:


Entrance: a mini-garden appears in rabbits position then rabbit walks into the battlefield.

Basic attack: See passive

Victory: rabbit smiles proudly as he looks at his garden

Defeat: Rabbit gets a annoyed look on his face as he looks at the player


White: Harvest day

Passive: rabbit collects one of three crops and gives it to the weakest ally, each crop has a random effect when used on the weakest ally however one of the crops is instead thrown to the nearest enemy.

These crops are as followed

Carrot: heals the weakest ally and gives them 35% energy

Cabbage: heals the weakest ally plus the two allies nearest to the weakest ally

Pumpkin: rabbit struggles to throw a pumpkin at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage to the enemy and slowing their movement speed by 100% for 5 seconds.

Active: Rabbit rapidly collects 10 random crops from his mini-garden and throws the carrots or cabbages at random allies which have the same effect has the carrots and cabbages from rabbit’s basic attack. then for the 10th crop, he pulls out a giant pumpkin and tosses it at the enemy team, dealing X damage to all enemies and slowing all enemies for 100% for 10 seconds.

Green: Unripe carrots

Every third basic attack, rabbit accidentally collects a unripe carrot which he then tosses to the nearest enemy, this deals X damage to the enemy and drains 35% energy from the enemy.

Blue: Scarecrow

At the start of each wave, rabbit puts up a scarecrow in front of his mini-garden to protect it. The scarecrow has X health and scares any enemy that attacks it for 5 seconds, once the scarecrow is defeated, it falls over, if any enemy is near the scarecrow when it falls over they get scared for 10 seconds and are knocked back.

Purple: By the book

All heals done by rabbit now gives each ally 30% energy and X armor.

Red: Smart enough

“Unripe carrots” now gives rabbit X armor and X% energy if the enemy he attacks with this move is slowed by any source.

All heals done by rabbit are increased by X amount if rabbit has more than 60% energy
+X damage to “Unripe carrots”
+X skill power
+X max HP


Spring fever
stronger scarecrow

The scarecrow from “scarecrow” now has X more HP and the length of the scare is now increased by 3 more seconds.

Rabbit/Judy hopps
Crop Caper
energy steal when threatened

When rabbit is under 45% of his max HP, rabbit steals X% energy from the enemy who made him go under 45% of his max HP

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