It's the Little Things in Life... - Flik (Likely Concept)

Flik (A Bug’s Life)

An ambitious little ant working to create devices to fight back the creeps, Flik bumbles and stumbles about the battlefield, wreaking all kinds of havoc with his irksome inventions!
Role: Control
Position: Back
Trial Team: Red

“Ants don’t serve grasshoppers! It’s YOU who need US! We’re a lot stronger than you say we are…and you know it, don’t you?”


Basic Animations

Entrance: Flik, encased in his modified “grain harvesting” device–now called a Creep Harvester–rushes and stumbles into frame, depositing a large pile of stones beside him and adjusting the straps of his device before looking at the enemy team with a determined expression.

Basic Attack: Flik tosses one of the stones into his Creep Harvester, pulls a lever, and the stone is hurled with prejudice at a random enemy.

Victory: Flik jumps for joy, but his Creep Harvester tips forward, causing Flik to fall on his face buried by his own invention. He raises a…passably triumphant fist and wears a pained smile anyway.

Defeat: Flik’s Creep Harvester falls to pieces all around him, causing him to shriek and cower in fear.


:white_circle: White Skill: An Ample Offering (:sparkles:)

  • Flik loads up his Creep Harvester with stones before pelting the enemy team, dealing X (determined by Skill Power) Fantastic damage per stone to the enemy team at random and knocking them back with each hit.
    – Flik launches 25 stones divided among the enemy team with this ability, and each stone has a 50% chance of targeting the enemy with the highest current HP.
  • Animation: Flik hurriedly and manically begins tossing stones into his Creep Harvester before pulling the lever, and he dares not look at the damage and mayhem being caused.

:green_circle: Green Skill: Terror of the Skies (:sparkles:)

  • Flik activates a large and “terrifying” fake bird that launches itself into the enemy team’s backline, dealing X (determined by Skill Power) Fantastic damage to all enemies caught in the crash.
    – The crash leaves behind wreckage with X (determined by Level) HP. Until the wreckage is destroyed, enemies are Distracted by the wreckage and cannot move beyond it. Enemies who are Distracted focus their attacks on the target that Distracted them.
    – This ability cannot be reused as long as the wreckage remains on the field.
  • Animation: Flik steps on a hidden switch. With a fwoomp and an unconvincing shriek, a large makeshift bird sails into frame on its downward trajectory before crashing magnificently right in front of the enemy backline, its crumbling fuselage remaining in place until it is destroyed.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: Never “Saw” It Coming (:fist:)

  • Feeling brave, Flik rushes into the fray and activates his Creep Harvester’s circular saw, dealing X (determined by Skill Power) Normal damage every 0.2 seconds for 3 seconds to a group of enemies in front of him and removing X (determined by Level) Armor, X (determined by Level) Reality, and lowering their maximum HP by 25% for 13 seconds. The maximum HP reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
    – If the wreckage from Terror of the Skies is present, this ability also deals damage to the wreckage as well as any enemy trapped behind it.
  • Animation: Flik straightens the straps of his Creep Harvester before rushing into the melee, pulling a switch by his hip, and causing his makeshift circular saw to screech to life, slashing away at his foes, before Flik is finally too scared to stay any longer and stumbles back to his initial position. If this attack hits the wreckage, it sends pellets of wood, stones, and leaves flying through trapped enemies as it damages the wreckage.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: Opportune Clumsiness

  • Once per wave, an attack that would’ve otherwise KO’d Flik misses instead as Flik’s Creep Harvester knocks him backward and saves him from certain doom, rendering him Invincible for 3 seconds. Panicked, Flik then puts up a shield with X (determined by Skill Power) HP, gains 500 Energy, and has his attack speed increased by 75% for the rest of the wave. The attack speed is less effective above level X.
  • Animation: Flik is knocked backward by the uneven weight of his Creep Harvester, and promptly screams as the fatal attack careens past him. He then stands bolt upright and all of his animations use his frightened expression for the rest of the wave.

:red_circle: Red Skill: Strength in Numbers

  • Flik’s skittish nature grants him a 25% chance to dodge all attacks. In addition, each time an enemy debuffed by Flik is affected by a debuff applied by an ally, all debuffs on the enemy have their durations increased by 2 seconds. The dodge chance is reduced above level X.
    +X Basic Damage
    +X Skill Power
    +X HP to the wreckage from Terror of the Skies

Friend Disk Campaigns

:bullettrain_front: Disk #1 - "Small Soldiers"
Flik wants more than anything for the major heroes of the City to acknowledge him and his desire to protect people from the creeps, but more often than not, he gets categorized as one of the citizens who need protecting rather than doing the protecting. He seeks advice from the famous Basil of Baker Street–a fellow hero of short stature, but one who is admired for his ingenious creep takedown tactics. Basil tells Flik that it’s all about using his small size to his advantage, and offers to let the ambitious insect shadow him on one of his nightly patrols. But once he sees the ungainly devices Flik intends to use, Basil begins to have second thoughts…

  • Partner: Basil of Baker Street
  • Allies: Vanellope, Olaf, Timon & Pumbaa
  • Level Up:
    +X Basic Damage
    +X Skill Power
  • Stars:
    Each stone launched during An Ample Offering bounces to other nearby enemies 2 times after hitting its initial target, if any other enemies are present, dealing 35% (+10% per additional star) of its original damage with each bounce. If there are no enemies to bounce to, the stone remains on the ground, and enemies that step on the stone trip over it, causing them to be Stunned for 2 (+0.5 per additional star) seconds.

:hammer_and_wrench: Disk #2 - "Net Working"
Proud of his Creep Harvester, Flik learns that a gathering of the City’s brightest inventors is occurring this week, and he decides that he HAS to go! He is greeted by Belle and her father, Maurice, who help Flik get registered and offer to show him around to meet some of the other inventors. But trouble arises when Syndrome raids the convention, releasing sinister drones that attach themselves to many of the inventors’ digital machines and bend them to their new master’s orders. Syndrome reveals that he plans on taking these nice anti-creep devices and selling them on the Black Market to make a fortune! Flik and Belle, whose analog inventions aren’t affected by the drones’ reprogramming, take it upon themselves to track down Syndrome and put an end to his scheme!

  • Partner: Belle
  • Allies: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker, Kevin Flynn, Hiro
  • Level Up:
    +X Skill Power to Flik and Allies
    +X Reality
  • Stars:
    Never “Saw” It Coming removes all buffs from affected enemies and applies 2 (+2 per additional star) stacks of Fatigue to them. Each stack of Fatigue prevents a buff from being applied and is then removed.

Great concept as always! And the Green Skill is just amazing, I love characters that alter the environment(like King Louie)

Thank ye kindly. :3

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And yes, for all the 90s kids out there, I was sorely tempted to make one of Flik’s abilities “Gold Berry,” and to make its text merely “I could do some damage with this!”

The temptation was strong, but I had to resist it.

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White skill by pb is similar to green, great job

Reviving dead topics, eh

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This is a revival that makes sense since Flik just got announced yesterday. Not all dead topic revivals are bad.


This aged well.

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I’m… not sure what you’re trying to get at here. Yes, Flik was announced. Such is the “risk” of making likely concepts. So what?


That’s about it tbh

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