It's time to put more Muppets in DHBM, tonight!

So, now that all the main Muppets, (Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo and Fozzie), as well as Bunson, Beaker, Swedish Chef, and Animal are in the game, let’s speculate some others who should be added.

  • Sam The Eagle. Friendships with Gonzo and Stitch
  • Scooter. Friendships with Kermit and Quorra
  • Rowlf. Friendships with Miss Piggy and Goofy
  • Dr. Teeth. Friendships with Rowlf and Animal
  • Floyd Pepper. Friendships with Animal and Barley
  • Janice. Friendships with Floyd and Miguel
  • Rizzo. Friendships with Gonzo and Linguine & Remy
  • Link Hogthrob. Friendships with Fozzie and Gaston
  • Dr Julius Strangepork. Friendships with Piggy and EVE
  • Wayne & Wanda. Friendships with Kermit and Violet
  • Sweetums. Friendships with Animal and Scar
  • Crazy Harry. Friendships with Honey Lemon and Mulan
  • Annie Sue. Friendships with Miss Piggy and Baloo

And if we can include Muppet Babies…

  • Baby Kermit. Friendships with adult Kermit and Donald Duck
  • Baby Piggy. Friendships with adult Piggy and Baby Kermit
  • Baby Gonzo. Friendships with adult Gonzo and Wasabi
  • Baby Fozzie. Friendships with adult Fozzie and Demona
  • Baby Animal. Friendships with adult Animal and Jack-Jack
  • Summer Penguin. Friendships with Baby Gonzo and Elsa

So honestly,as fun as it would be to have Muppet Babies,I doubt they will ever come to the game,at least for the heroes who are already in the game. Summer is possible,the others? Not so much. But I do like your thinking!


Also u forgot to mention Swedish chef,who is also a Muppet

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D’OH! How could I have forgotten Swedish Chef? Why do you doubt Muppet Babies will be added?

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I meanI just doubt it ,I don’t think they’d add baby versions of heroes already in the game,Summer maybe,but not the others(If they still had costumes that could work) I would love to MUPPET BABIES,but it’s kinda slim

Swedish Chef is already in the game…

First, no, just no. Second, too many characters.


I see. I guess you have a point. Though, if they add adult Simba and Nala, or DuckTales (2017) versions of Scrooge and the nephews, I’d say that would change things.

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I was talking about this

Key words: should be added.

He’s already in the game…


She’s missed Swedish Chef on here

She named the Muppets who are already in the game at the top and she missed Chef

Is what I’m saying

O. Ok, then.

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Yeah,so,plz get that before u correct me… No offense

@Ashley_Spinelli are you going to edit it and add Swedish Chef or?

Muppets babies can’t be added because we have already the old ones in game. This could probably make a break in the reality or something. It’s the same situation of why we don’t have Kion or some characters from Lion King 2 or The Lion Guard.

The timeline used for this game is the adult one from the Muppets. They can make callback in dialogue but nothing more.


Bueno en si son muchos personajes solo deben estar en el juego los muppets principales y que en las películas y series tengan un gran protagonismo por ejemplo yo quisiera que esté en el juego .Denise la segunda novia de kermit

.Denise la segunda novia de kermit

It would honestly be fun to have the Muppet babies in dhbm

too many muppets already

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