Jim, Tennessee, & Herbie (the Love Bug Hero Concept)

Jim, Tennessee, & Herbie


This Volkswagen Beetle and his trusted drivers’ racing skills may be out of date, but in the City, anything rolls. Together, they show the creeps how they do it in the El Dorado raceway.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “You don’t understand what happens, do you? They make ten thousand cars, they make them exactly the same way, and one or two of them turn out to be something special. Nobody knows why.”

Entrance: Jim, Tennessee, and Herbie pull into the battlefield.
Victory: Jim and Tennessee cheer while Herbie smiles.
KO: Herbie breaks down, much to Jim and Tennessee’s dismay.

Basic Attack: Herbie rams into enemies.

White Skill - Road Rage - True Damage
Herbie angrily hits enemies repeatedly, dealing X damage.

Green Skill - Welding Work
Tennessee welds Herbie, regenerating their HP by 75%. This skill cannot be performed until they reach below 75% their max HP.

Blue Skill - Wheelie
Herbie pops a wheelie and zooms past enemies repeatedly, dealing X damage to and removing X armor from each enemy hit.

Purple Skill - Split Decisions
If Jim, Tennessee, and Herbie reach 50% their max HP, Herbie splits himself in half, with Jim sitting in the front end, and Tennessee in the back. Both halves of Herbie have the same amount of HP and can gain energy separately, but they can no longer perform their “Welding Work” skill.

Once either Jim’s or Tennessee’s energy counters are full, they both perform their “Road Rage” skill the same way as before.

Red Skill - the Love Bug
Each time Jim, Tennessee, and Herbie perform their “Wheelie” skill, they steal X energy from each enemy they hit.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Road Rage

Jim, Tennessee, & Herbie + Cruz Ramirez
Campaign: Old School - After Cruz is damaged badly by a horde of creeps, she searches for an auto body shop that can fix her up. Luckily, Jim, Tennessee, and Herbie have opened one in the City just in time for her to ask them for repairs.
Disk: Fully Loaded
Disk Memory: Jim, Tennessee, and Herbie’s “Welding Work” skill increases their attack speed by 20%.
Disk Power: Z energy gain
Allies: Tia Dalma, Mushu, Maximus

Jim, Tennessee, & Herbie + Magica de Spell
Campaign: Spell of Sentience - From a distance, Magica is amazed by Herbie’s human-like demeanor, and is eager to know what makes him tick. When she tries to hijack him, however, she doesn’t realize until later that she’s in for a doozy.
Disk: Ride Along
Disk Memory: After Jim, Tennessee, and Herbie perform their “Split Decisions” skill, both halves of Herbie gain X HP every 3 seconds.
Disk Power: Z Blue Skill power
Allies: Buzz Lightyear, Pocahontas, Merida

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