Joe Gardner (Soul Hero Concept)

Joe Gardner

With the tap of a piano key, Joe Gardner can whip up a tune to steal the show while he keeps his allies in check.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Backline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Music is all I think about, from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I fall asleep at night.”

Entrance: A piano appears infield, and Joe enters to sit down on the seat and play.
Victory: Joe gets up from his seat and takes a bow. If Purple Skill is unlocked, Joe’s soul jumps up to the top of the piano and bows.
KO: Joe anxiously fidgets with his hands. If Purple Skill is unlocked, Joe’s soul gasps in fear.

Basic Attack: Joe grants X HP to allies by playing his piano.

White Skill - Zoning Out - Fantastic Damage
Joe plays a fast tune, granting X HP to all allies for 10 seconds. While playing, he is immune to debuffs.

Green Skill - Amplified Arpeggio
Joe plays a tune that will ascend or descend in notes. Each time he performs this skill, the tunes, and their effects, alternate.

  • Ascending
    Allies gain X energy.
  • Descending
    Joe steals X energy from enemies.

Blue Skill - Born to Play
Joe plays an upbeat tune that grants 60% additional attack speed to the frontmost ally. The attack speed increase will last for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill - Live Every Minute
If Joe reaches 0HP, his soul takes over by itself, leaving his physical form to disappear from the battlefield. Joe can still perform skills and gain energy, but he cannot take damage, gain HP, or be effected by debuffs, and will only be defeated by having all of his allies reach 0HP.

This skill can only be performed after an ally reaches 0HP before Joe.

Red Skill - Business of Inspiration
Joe gains X Skill power each time he performs his “Amplified Arpeggio” skill. His reality is increased to X.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Zoning Out

Joe Gardner + Colette
Campaign: Dinner and a Show - Chez Remy’s music-playing sound system is out of order. Colette finds Joe playing his piano for passerby’s on the street, and decides to employ him as a pianist for Chez Remy.
Disk: Liven It Up
Disk Memory: Joe’s “Born to Play” skill blinds enemies for 7 seconds.
Disk Power: Z shield power
Allies: Jack Sparrow, Basil of Baker Street, Megara

Joe Gardner + Miss Piggy
Campaign: a Swine’s Rhapsody - Joe has the pianist skills that Miss Piggy needs to bring her most passionate song yet to fruition. Despite the pig’s towering expectations, Joe gains her permission to add some flair to her melody.
Disk: Crowd-Pleasing Performance
Disk Memory: Joe cannot be charmed while performing his “Zoning Out” skill.
Disk Power: Z Blue Skill power
Allies: Mushu, Gadget, Maleficent

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