John Carter (John Carter Hero Concept)

John Carter

Once a Confederate army captain hailing from Virginia, now Jeddak of Helium and the Tharks on Barsoom, or as we call it Mars, John Carter lends his skills on alien grounds to the City to rid everyone of the creep invasion.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Frontline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “John Carter of Earth… Yep, John Carter of Mars sounds much better.”

Entrance: John warps into the battlefield via a Thern medallion and draws a Thark blade.
Victory: John holds up his blade in triumph.
KO: John tries to jump, but ends up falling forward.

Basic Attack: John swipes his blade at enemies.

White Skill - Gravity Leap - True Damage
John jumps high into the air and swings his blade onto enemies, dealing X damage and removing X armor and White Skill power.

Green Skill - Good Calot
John calls for Woola to rapidly run through the enemy lineup, dealing X damage to enemies and, for 8 seconds, reducing their attack speed by 35% with his slobber.

Blue Skill - Ock Ohem Ocktei Wies Barsoom
John throws a medallion to the enemy with the most Basic Skill power, making them disappear and remain absent from the battlefield until all other remaining enemies are at 25% their max HP.

If there is only one enemy left in the battlefield, this skill is inapplicable.

Purple Skill - A Man With a Cause
Each time John performs his “Gravity Leap” skill, he also steals X Basic Skill power. His reality is increased to X.

Red Skill - Virginia’s Finest
If John’s HP is above 50%, he is immune to disables.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Good Calot

John Carter + Pleakley
Campaign: Earth Sweet Earth - Ever since his spontaneous arrival in the City, John has once again become a foreigner in an unfamiliar world, and the only person who could potentially back him up on the flow of things is the only one that best resembles a Thark… Pleakley, of all people.
Disk: Personal Space
Disk Memory: John’s “Good Calot” skill grants an additional 40% attack speed to John and his allies for 8 seconds.
Disk Power: Z HP gain
Allies: Kuzco, Duff Killigan, Bowler Hat Guy

John Carter + Jim Hawkins
Campaign: Sky Sailors - Jim Hawkins struggles to find replacement parts for his rocket-powered sailboard, but John has some knowledge of other technologies that can help him fly, and then some.
Disk: Ride the Skies
Disk Memory: Each time John performs his “Ock Ohem Ocktei Wies Barsoom” skill, the enemy that disappears will remain absent until all other remaining enemies are at 10% their max HP.
Disk Power: Z max HP, Z tenacity
Allies: Sweetums, Fear, Madam Mim

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