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In celebration of the announcement of part 6 anime,(yeah, I’m late lol) I made a concept of its protagonist: Jolyne! Feel free to leave any feedback!

Hero Info

Hero Name: Jolyne Cujoh(or JoJo) and her stand Stone Free
Source: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean
Position and Role: Frontline Tank Hero
Stars: :star:
Trial Team: Red
Collections: Tank, Stun
Entrance: Walks into position and summons Stone Free(If on gathered stance)
Victory: Punches the air while smiling
Defeat: Closes her fist in anger
Basic Attack: Punches the closest enemy with Stone Free if on Gathered stance, punches the closest enemy herself if on String stance.
Description: Jolyne Cujoh will remain unstopabble in the battlefield while searching for freedom with her String-like stand: Stone Free.
Quote: “My energy’s clumped up! When lines gather and clump up, they become three-dimensional!”


Note: Some of Jolyne’s Skill names are a reference to the music “Stone Free” by Jimi Hendrix

:white_circle: String Transformation :fist: Normal Damage
Passive: The player can choose in which Stance Jolyne will be at the start of the battle. If on auto, Jolyne starts the battle in the Gathered Stance. In the gathered Stance, Jolyne gains X basic damage. In the String Stance, Jolyne gains X Armor and Reality.

Active: The player chooses whether Jolyne changes Stance or remains in the same Stance. If on auto, she will always change. Then, Jolyne will execute one of these following actions depending on her Stance.
Gathered: Stone Free punches the enemies 10 times, dealing Y damage per punch. If she changed her Stance before activating this skill, she gains X armor and Reality. She can keep half of this buff per wave.
String: Jolyne pulls the farthest enemy with her string and kicks them, dealing Y damage and Stunning them for 10 seconds. If she changed her stance before activating this skill, she gains a +50% attack speed bonus for 10 seconds.

:green_circle: “To do What I Please” :fist: Normal Damage

Gathered: Stone Free catches a projectile that would hit Jolyne or her enemies and ties it to a string, then throws it 10 times at nearby enemies, dealing the damage it would do + Y damage per throw. Stone Free can catch a projectile once every 8 seconds.
String: Jolyne creates a net of Strings in the battlefiled, granting reflect to herself and all allies for 6 seconds. Jolyne gains X Armor and Reality per team member that was hit during this time.

:large_blue_circle: “To Ride The Breeze”
Gathered: Jolyne extends Stone Free’s arms and steals up to 2 active buffs from random enemies. If it was a armor, reality, basic damage or speed buff, she gains X armor and Reality as well.
String: Jolyne extends a hearing string to the enemy lines, applying Study to all enemies for 10 seconds. Jolyne has a 50% of dodging attacks done by Studied enemies.(This is valid in both Stances).
The chance of dodging attacks is reduced if Jolyne is above level Z.

:purple_circle: Joestar Inherited Soul
Jolyne heals herself for X HP every time she changes Stance. This healing is also boosted by Jolyne’s Armor and Reality. Jolyne gains the following buffs depending on the Stance she is at the moment.
Gathered: Jolyne gains 100 more tenacity.
String: Jolyne gains 100 more evasion.

:red_circle: Stone Free!
Every time Jolyne dodges, blocks, or reflects an attack from an enemy, that enemy is Studied for 5 seconds. Jolyne gains 1 Stack of Hardy everytime a buff(except Hardy) is applied to her. Jolyne Gains Z Armor and Reality per active buff she has.
Stat Boosts:
+Z Armor
+Z Reality
Joestar Inherited Soul now grants 250 energy to Jolyne.

X= Skill Power; Y= Basic Damage; Z= Level Cap

Battle Badge

Is Charged in Battle When: Heroes use their White Skill 3 times
+X Armor
+Y Reality per Red Team Ally
Enhacemente Bonus: Berserk for 10 seconds


Jolyne Cujoh + Belle
Campaign: Family Comes First: Jolyne and Belle share their stories about their searches for freedom, and start noticing some similarities in them.
Allies: Rapunzel, Merida and Moana
Disk Name: Locked, but Free
Effects: +X Armor and Reality to team members everytime they switch Stance
Star Effect: Jolyne gains a 100% attack speed buff for 4(+2 per star) seconds everytime she changes stance.

Jolyne Cujoh + Jonathan Joestar
Campaign: Like Great-Great-Great-Grandfather, like Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter : Jonathan is proud of Jolyne’s determination and fighting spirit, and she finds a father figure in him.
Disk Name: The legacy of our bloodline
Effects: +X Armor and Reality to Red Team team members, now String Transformation’s and “To do What I Please”'s damage is also boosted by Jolyne’s Armor and Reality.
Stars: Joestar Inherited Soul now heals Jolyne’s allies for 25%(+25% per star) of the value she heals herself.

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