Josuke Higashikata(Part 8) - Unlikely Concept

I really wanted to create a concept for a character that was able to alter the battlefield, so I had this Idea! Feel free to leave any feedback!

Josuke is a 1 Star Midline Control Hero, whose Trial Team is Red.

Popping soap bubbles might be fun, but you don’t want to do this around this guy! Josuke’s Soft & Wet gives him the abilty to generate bubbles from his body, which are capable of removing properties from objects and controlling the battlefield!

“The sun rises, and a new day begins. People head off for work, commute to school, play, and jog. Some go to cafes or restaurants… and meet with someone. But those are all activities for those that know their places to return to. Where do I go? Where should I go back to? I don’t know.”

Source: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 8: JoJolion
Mastery Collections: Control
Entrance: Walks Into Position, takes a fighting stance and summons Soft & Wet.
Victory: Poses.

Victory Pose

Defeat: Cries in despair.
Basic Attack: Punches enemies with Soft & Wet.


:white_circle: Soft & Wet: Go Beyond :stars: Fantastic Damage

  • Passive: Whenever Josuke generates a bubble with one of his skills(except this passive), an extra bubble comes out of the birthmark on his shoulder, and it starts to float in the enemy battlefield. When one of these bubbles enters in contact with an enemy, it pops, dealing Y damage to that enemy and applying a random debuff to them for 10 seconds. The debuffs that can be applied are: -Y Armor, -Y Reality, -Y Basic Damage and -Y Skill Power.

  • Active: Josuke creates 5 bubbles that hit each enemy, dealing X damage with each hit and silencing them for 10 seconds. The Bubbles will Silence for 2 more seconds per debuff the hit enemies have. If there are less than 5 enemies on the battlefield, the extra bubbles will hit the enemy with the most Skill Power.

:green_circle: Property Taking Bubbles :stars: Fantastic Damage
Josuke shoots 2 Bubbles from his fingers, one at the enemy with the most Skill Power and one at the enemy with the most energy, with both bubbles dealing X damage. The latter will steal 200 from the enemy and the former will Silence the enemy for 12 seconds. If one enemy is hit by both bubbles, extra 100 energy will be Stolen and the Silence will be extended by 4 seconds.

:large_blue_circle: Soap Fluidity :fist: Normal Damage
Josuke dodges a melee attack, and counters by kicking the enemy that attacked him, dealing Y damage, knocking them back and then shooting a bubble at them, blinding that enemy for 12 seconds. This blind is extended by 1 second per debuff applied by one of Josuke’s bubbles they had. Josuke can dodge a melee attack once every 8 seconds.

:purple_circle: Property Transferring
Whenever an enemy that had a debuff applied by Soft & Wet: Go Beyond’s passive is hit by another bubble, Josuke gains a buff that corresponds to the debuffs they had, with Z Extra Value.

:red_circle: The Spin of Good Fortune
Whenever a bubble generated by Josuke applies a debuff to an enemy, Josuke gains 1 Stack of Spin. Each Stack of Spin grants 15 Evasion to Josuke and extends the disables that he applies by 0.5 seconds.
The damage caused by the Bubbles generated by Soft & Wet: Go Beyond’s passive cannot be dodged, reflected or blocked/reduced by buffs, and their debuffs cannot be blocked or cleansed.
The Reflect/Invicible Ignoring might fail in enemies above level Z

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +Z Skill Power
  • +Z Basic Damage
  • +Z Damage to Soft & Wet: Go Beyond’s passive

X=Skill Power Dependant; Y=Basic Damage Dependant; Z=Level Cap Dependant

Battle Badge

Is Charged In Battle When: Enemies are damaged by bubbles 5 times

  • Stat Buff: +X Skill Power
  • Lineup Buff: +Y Basic Damage per Red Team Ally
  • Effect Buff: +5 Stacks of Spin


Josuke + Cheshire Cat
Campaign: Existencial Crisis: Josuke has been trying to understand who he is and his place in the world since he was born, but Cheshire questioning him isn’t helping at all. After some hours, Josuke gives in and starts to really think about what Cheshire is saying.
Allies: Hiro, Nick Wilde, Alice
Disk Name: Philosopher Cat
Level Effect: +50 Fantastic Crit, +X Basic Damage
Star Effect: Josuke Gains 15(+15 per Star) energy whenever an enemy is hit by a bubble. Soft & Wet: Go Beyond’s Passive bubbles now also apply a movement speed debuff of 10%(+10% per star) for 8 seconds alongside the other debuff applied.

Josuke + Jack Sparrow
Campaign: Crew Recruiting: Jack Sparrow, after seeing Josuke in his sailor suit, thinks he might be a great candidate for member of his crew, and goes after him. However, Josuke has no idea of what he is talking about, so he just goes along.
Allies: Barbossa, Tia Dalma, Captain Hook
Disk Name: Accidentaly a Pirate
Level Effect: +X Skill Power to Josuke and his allies
Star Effect: Soft & Wet: Go Beyond now generates 1(+1 per star) extra bubble each time it is activated. Soap Fluidity’s cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds(+0.5 per star) whenever Josuke extends his disables.

Which Disk Would You Use?
  • Cheshire
  • Jack Sparrow

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Now that I think about it, can Basic Damage be used to something other than damage? The only exceptions I’ve seen so far are characters that don’t have a normal basic attack, like Kermit or Sadness.

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