Just a regular concept maker (self-concept)

today’s concept will be about myself (hey, if other concept makers can do that so can i) I hope you enjoy this concept



1 star, mid-line support

“I believe now that I can smile easy knowing how far I came!”

A concept maker and possible pizza planet alien, C-train uses his pizza planet tech to lend a hand in someway


Entrance: C-train walks into the battlefield then his helmets claw hits his face before he then flicks it to the back of his head

Victory: C-train puts his hands on his hips and smiles as a small pair of hands emerges from his helmet and the hands clap in victory

Defeat: C-train spins around and falls on his back as small luxo balls circle around his head

Basic attack: C-train uses his helmets claw to throw a luxo ball at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: The claw

C-train uses a controller to catch the enemy with the highest evasion with a giant claw until his energy runs out. While the enemy is trapped by the claw, they have 25% energy drained from them every 5 seconds and are prevented from being healed or gaining buffs.

After all his energy runs out, the claw drops the enemy to the ground. Dealing X damage to the foe and stunning them for 5 to 7 seconds.

C-train is able to move and use his other skills and attacks while the skill is active

Green: Concepts for fun

C-train creates a concept for his allies, giving all allies 100% movement speed for 10 seconds and giving them reflect for 10 seconds.

Blue: Confiscation ray

A ray gun appears from his helmet then it fires a beam at the enemy with the most buffs, this deals X damage overtime to the foe for 10 seconds and stealing all buffs from the enemy and gives the stolen buffs to random allies with their duration refreshed.

Purple: Improvement

“Concepts for fun” now converts any debuffs on C-train into buffs while also giving all allies continuous healing for 10 seconds.

Red: Badge of raditude

“Confiscation ray” now has a 35% to activate twice when C-train has more than 3 buffs on himself.

All stolen buffs now increases the max HP of all allies for X amount per each buff given to them.
+X damage to “Confiscation Ray”
+X skill power
+X armor


C-train/Kim possible
A kimpossible task
Reflect gives armor

Each reflect from a ally now gives 40% armor to the reflectee.

C-train/The Swedish Chef
Pizza quest
Longer disables

All disables from C-train and his allies now lasts 2 seconds longer per star


This concept is good, but it can be timed better.

There was a big riot in Foxy’s Imagineer concept, so you should’ve waited a few more days before posting this. :neutral_face:


…oops…yeah I’m aware of that whole thing…I made a mistake

But I’m glad you like the concept @Tragic-Magic old buddy, old pal

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Can I make a fanart about you and your concept? I can draw you in character form.

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Go ahead bud!!

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Thanks. I only want to know when will you want it to be shown to you. Just in case.

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Anytime you want to show it to me…im not that busy this week


Thanks. I promise it’ll fit your look. Maybe.

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I disagree. It’s a concept about themself, so there’s really no risk in irking someone.


Sorry for the revive but, I’m curious. When did you say that?

In his bio I think

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