Just her. (Unlikely Concept)



Monika is ready to give her all for the team, giving stacks of fatigue and giving buffs to allies. J̵̛̣̞̼̏̆ͅụ̸̤̈̏͆̌̚s̶̫͊͗̃́̚t̷̹̐̽ͅ ̶̲͎̼̥̈́̏̒M̸͖̞̪̹̐̓͛̓ͅo̶̼̗̐̊̽n̷̨͓̤͖̉̄ḯ̴̘k̶̼̱͉̓͐̈́̅͝a̸̞͓͆̈͐͌͒

“Okay Everyone!”
Role: Control
Position: Mid
Trials Team: Blue

Basic Attack: She tries to mess with the enemy’s data, dealing damage.
Entrance: Monika walks on the screen while writing a poem, she then puts it away.
Victory: She winks at the player.
Defeat: She glitches out.


White Skill: Deletion.
Fantastic Damage
Monika messes with the data of all her enemies, dealing X damage and 2 stacks of fatigue to all enemies. If an enemy is below 10% of their HP, Monika deletes them completely, KOing them instantly, even if they have Invincibility or are Berserk. Monika gives 1 more stack of fatigue per defeated ally.

Green Skill: Selfie
Fantastic Damage
Monika turns around and takes a selfie with the Allies in front of her, increasing their skill power by X and increasing their tenacity by 20. The selfie flash deals X damage to the nearest enemies and blinds them for 10 seconds. The blind last 8 seconds longer if there isn’t any ally in front of Monika.

Blue Skill: Hole in the wall
Monika recites a poem to her allies, healing them for X HP and giving them buffs blocked by fatigue from “Deletion.”

Monika gains 100 energy per defeated ally when reading the poem.

Purple Skill: President of the Literature Club.
President of the Literature Club
Every 7 seconds, Monika glitches an ally to make them dodge a disable longer than 6 seconds.

This may fail against disables from enemies above X level.

Red Skill: Just Monika
Just Monika
Monika gains 30% attack speed per defeated ally.

If Monika is the last standing of her team, she gains X armor, X reality and X evasion and “Deletion” erases enemies below 40% of their Max. HP.

Gaining attack speed per defeated ally may fail if the allies defeated are above X level.

+X Skill Power
+X Reality
+X Damage to “Deletion.”


Monika and Monokuma.
Description: Monika has to tolerate Monokuma antics for a whole day.
Disk Name: Fictional Circle.

Enemies lose reality per stack of Fatigue.

+Reality to Monika and Allies

Enemies lose 5% reality per stack of fatigue of them. (+5% Reality per star.)
+7 Fantastic Crit (+7 per star.)

Allies – Ralph, Kermit and Gonzo.

Monika and Vanellope.
Description: Monika and Vanellope spends one day together, talking on how they’re characters in a game.
Disk Name: Sweet Glitch.

Invincibility when an ally is defeated.

+X Max. HP.
+X Skill Power

When an ally is defeated, Monika is invincible for 1 second. (+1 second per star.)

Allies – Ursula, Megara and Hiro.

Which disk is better?
  • Monokuma Disk
  • Vanellope Disk

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This whole Friendship Campaign was just an excuse to include Monokuma in this concept, wasn’t it? :sweat_smile:




Shouldn’t it be “behind”?

The only reason I know Monika is because of the FNF mod, which is my favorite one :sweat_smile:

Lemme fix that part, I forgot to put “She turns around part” lol.

Also the FnF Monika Mod is amazing! Its well done.

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Now that that’s clarified, what if instead of this:

you put:

The selfie flash deals X damage to nearby enemies and blinds all enemies in front of Monika for 10 seconds

More enemies are blinded :eyes:

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I just like how the character your making the concept for comments on it. That’s pretty unique.

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Really? For me, using character panels for all non-concept text is excessive. I was going to suggest limiting it to just once, at the end. :man_shrugging:

Also worth noting is that it makes quoting those parts very difficult. :sweat_smile:


Hmm, maybe I was a bit excessive with the images on this one.
I’ll keep this in mind when I do my next concept using text boxes.


Update: Added Skill Icons, huge thanks to @BlackBOY for making them, because they’re great!

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