Just One More Day

Today marks the last day to vote for a friendship for Libby Folfax. Let’s get more votes in, so we can witness the grand reveal for tomorrow! With that said, if you want to vote, please make sure you vote today if you have time. Libby Folfax is all ready for tomorrow, I just need to put in the finishing touches on her. Good luck, and have a nice one!
Libby Victory

To vote: Go to this link: Vote Here

Um… with all due respect, I think you would’ve been better off leaving this as a comment on the poll thread itself rather than making an entirely new thread just for this announcement. Otherwise, this can come across to some as spam.


I see where you are trying to get at. I’ll just post this on this link. I just want to make sure that I have enough votes to pick a friendship for Libby.

No, I get what Myeong is trying to say. This whole thread makes no sense, has no purpose. You should just have replied to the topic where you have this poll and not create new topics.

This really seems like a like-grab right now :frowning_face:

So in future I advice you to think twice whether the idea you have really needs a new topic, or that it can become a reply on an excisting topic (of yours in this case)

I fixed it so I posted it on the link right here: Click Here

I definitely get what you guys are saying. I’m sorry for any type of pointless grabbing I may have done. You’re beliefs are in the right place. It won’t happen again.

You seem to be a little new to the forums, so it’s not that big of a deal. Just something to be mindful of for the future.

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