Kaa: Hero concept

I just want to say this is my last Hero Concept and anyone who says stop I will flag

Quote: “Oh, you poor sweet thing. You want to stay in the jungle? You can be with me if you want.”

Kaa uses her hypnotism and crushing force to destroy all her enemies

Stars: 3
Team: Yellow
Role: Damage/Control
Position: Back
Entrance: A branch appears and Kaa climbs onto it
Victory: Kaa hisses
Defeat: Kaa falls off her branch

Basic attack: Kaa whips enemies with her tail

White skill: Stay with me
Kaa uses her tail to grab the frontmost enemy. She then throws them back to their lineup. Kaa hold the enemy for 6 seconds and Saps their energy

Green skill: Crushing force
Kaa grabs an enemy and squeezes them, dealing x damage

Blue skill: Hypnotic stare
Kaa uses her hypnosis to Charm the enemy with the highest hp to fight on her side. The enemy is Charmed until they are KO’d

Purple skill: Bite power
When Kaa uses Crushing Force, she bites the enemy, applying Blind and dealing x damage

Red skill: Jungle Queen
When any of Kaa’s enemies are Blinded, Frozen, Hexed, Charmed, or Poisened, Kaa breaks them out of this and gives 50% of their health to them


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Ok? No one asked you to stop making concepts, we simply want you to take more time with them. But, as evidenced by this one, you’re clearly unwilling to take on constructive criticism.


Dang bro, why so rude on other people’s concept. I personally think the concept is Great no more time needed


I didn’t think I was :man_shrugging:, a bit harsh, maybe, but certainly not rude.

Even if that’s true the fact remains that they are creating far too many in such a short timespan.
I wasn’t necessarily saying that their concepts are bad, it’s their demeanour in posting them that’s off.


I didn’t know they broke your unwritten rules on the concept. It’s nice to know you’re still being “harsh” to other members. Keep them in their place bro

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