Kachigga hicks (likely concept)

Chick hicks


Stars: :star:
Position: Mid-line
Role: Control
Trial team: Blue

“You wanna know the forecast? Let me tell you the forecast, a 100% chance of…THUNDER!! KACHIGGA, KACHIGGA!!”

still in second place even when fighting creeps, chick hicks cheats and boasts his way through the enemy team in order to achieve his chance of getting first place…or at the very least take full advantage of his crew to get to first place


Entrance: Chick hicks drives into the battlefield

Victory: Chick hicks laughs at the enemy team’s loss

Defeat: Chick hicks clutches his piston cup in anger

Basic attack: a confetti cannon tries it hit Chick but it misses and instead hits the nearest foe, dealing X damage


White: Dinoco’s all mine

Passive: at the start of every wave, chick hicks has “runner-up” granted to him. While he has “runner-up” on him, he will gain 15% movement speed every 5 seconds and +40 crit power every 5 seconds. He will also be immune to disables that lasts more than 5 seconds

Active: Chick hicks races through the enemy team 5 times, dealing X damage per hit and increasing his skill power by 15% per hit.

During the last lap, Chick hicks will forcefully push the frontmost enemy back, dealing X damage to the enemy, stunning that enemy for 10 seconds and scaring nearby enemies for 10 seconds.

Green: Eat your heart out

Chick hicks boasts to the enemy team, granting 35-65 critical power, gaining 100% attack speed for 10 seconds and lowering the levels of each enemies blue skills by 20 levels for 7 seconds.

While under the effects of “runner-up”, enemies have 25% of their energy stolen by this move if their blue skill levels have already been lowered.

Blue: Bring on the piston cup

Chick hicks shows off his piston cup to the enemy team, this blinds and stuns all enemies for 10 seconds, gives chick hicks 15% reality for how much critical power he has and cleanses 2 stacks of fatigue from each ally.

While under the effects of “runner-up”, the cleansed fatigue now grants each ally 25-45 crit power and 25% energy. Chick hicks himself is granted reflect for 10 seconds.

Purple: Champion of all ages

Each 25 amount of critical power given to chick and his allies now gives them 35% attack speed, 20% energy and X armor.

Red: The runner-up

Enemies with their blue skill levels lowered cannot heal above X of their max health until the level lowering wears off

The stun time from “Dinoco’s all mine” now lasts 4 more seconds if the enemy if affected by more than 2 stacks of fatigue.
+X damage to “Dinoco’s all mine”
+X reality
+X crit power


Chick hicks/Shank
Disables slow enemies

All disables dealt out by chick hicks and his allies now slows the movement speed of the target enemy by 35%

Chick hicks/Captain hook
Piston gold
more fatigue cleansed when threatened

“Bring on the piston cup” now cleanses 2 more stacks of fatigue whenever chick hicks falls under 35% of his max HP.


My favorite character :+1:

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