Kanga and roo concept (likely character concept)

Kanga and roo

Quote)you alright in there roo?

Role) damags


Position) front -line

Trial) red


Entrance) kanga and roo hop in to battle

Defeat) kanga will seem confused
giphy (13)

Victory) kanga will hug roo
tenor (8)

Basic attack) kanga will hit the enemy with her broom


White skill :white_circle:
Whoop-de-dooper bounce
Fantastic damage
Roo will hop out of kanga’s pouch and bounce across the screen this deals x damage to nearby enemies.

Green skill :green_circle:
Fantastic damage :sparkles:
A game of soccer
Roo will throw a soccer ball at the enemy with the most HP this stuns them for 5 seconds and deals x damage to them

Blue skill :large_blue_circle:
Take a bite
Kanga will feed roo a cookie this heals kanga and roo x.

Purple skill :purple_circle:
Mother and son
Kanga and roo gain x skill power when they use there white skill.

Red skill :red_circle:
Caring mother
Enemies who are hit a game of soccer while charmed will lose x energy and will be stunned for 9 seconds.

Additional stat boost

+X max HP
+X max damage to a game of soccer
+X max armor


Kanga and roo/Tigger

The ultimate bounce

Disk-bouncing animals) kanga and roo gain 2 stacks of Hardy when a enemy is stunned

Allie’s) Eeyore, Winnie the pooh, Minnie mouse

Kanga and roo/Mickey mouse

Worlds best soccer game

Disk-goal!) enemies who are hit from a game of soccer will lose x energy

Allies) Donald duck, goofy, slinky dog

Hope you enjoyed!

Please list all feedback

Is anyone gonna list feedback?

Great job man, u don’t need to improve at all, but all u need really is a bio for them

Missing a description, but it can be optional if you want.

You need work on making better skills. What I mean by that is more detail and more creativity. They could also fit the characters better and other things like that.

I am not sure why this does a charm. I just think it does not fit. What enemies are charmed? All of them?

This is more a white skill than a blue.

This concept does not seem like a Tank and more of a damage.

Disks could be improved as well, but focus on working on creating better skills first. Look at really good concepts and actual skills in game and how they worded for help.


Thank you for the feedback I will try to improve on my creative and work on better skills!

Once again thank you for the feedback

No problem. Happy to do it when I can.

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