Kevin’s Red Skill

Only recently, I was finally able to max Kevin’s Red Skill to match my team level. Due to how fast level caps are increasing, my current team level is still at 140, and the Red skill is at level 20. At the time of writing this topic, the current level cap was 145. This means I was 5 levels behind.

Relevant Notes:

  • Goofy was KO’d early in the match, but the speed boost persisted throughout most of the battle—LONG after his KO. This is thanks to Kevin.
  • Woody pulled Kevin to the front. Normally, this is supposed to be bad, but because Kevin was taking a lot of hits, he was able to use Power Cleanse very frequently. This allowed him to perpetually extend the buffs.
  • Shields are confirmed to have their duration extended, NOT their durability. This was made evident by Alice. She had Quorra’s disk on, so she can apply a 6-second shield only once and that’s it. Increased Broadband extended that shield far beyond 6 seconds; the shield eventually expired when enough damage was done.
  • Towards the very end, Baymax and Kevin completely lost the speed boosts. Alice started losing them too, but not immediately. Violet kept all the speed boosts the entire time. Not sure what was happening here, although I do have a theory: certain moves stop the counters of buffs as well. Alice’s Eat Me briefly stops the timers of the buffs. Same goes for Violet’s Shield Roll. Because Shield Roll takes a lot longer to finish, Violet’s timers were paused even longer. This is all speculation and I could totally be wrong.

Unrelated Notes:

  • My team is under leveled in comparison.
  • My team is meant to be a fun “shield abuse” theme. This team is NOT meant to win attacks in Arena. So by extension, this wasn’t just to analyze Kevin’s Red Skill, it was also to experiment how well a totally defensive team would perform.
  • Defense wins cannot be seen, so I took this team on attack to see how it works in theory.
  • Again this team was NOT made with the intention to win attacks. Evidently, it is defensively strong enough to survive against meta heroes that were also 5 levels ahead.

I think part of it is the actual “cleanse” part of the move has to make contact with the character in order for the effect to trigger, and moments that cause the attack to freeze in place (enemy skills activating, usually) can cause it to stack. (An effects I’ve also noticed with jafars whirlwind)

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Flynn’s red skill causes timers on buffs to pause while shielded by his “data shield”. The pause is removed when the shield is destroyed.


As soon as I saw how many buffs your heroes had, my jaw drooped… so did the stuff in my phone’s wallet case

I am just wondering, what is that blue band circling around the heroes on the ground? I have noticed that Timon & Pumbaa cause this, but when Kevin used “Power Cleanse”, the band began to appear on the allies, and T&P aren’t in your team

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That “aura” circling around the characters is the “healing aura”. Every time a character experiences healing from any source, you will see that aura. The reason why you’re seeing it when Kevin used Power Cleanse is because he has Baymax’s disk equipped (this disk provides minor healing whenever Kevin uses the cleanse).

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