Kim possible character concept

Kim Possible
Ok, now this would be good, the fact that she fights crime is perfect, now I do not watch alot of Kim Possible but i know some stuff about it so here we go. Skills would be like a grapple attack and kick. She is 3 stars and 20 kim possible chips to get her. Her saying is “I can do anything!” And her friendship would be with Ron Stoppable.

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This is not exactly a concept…


Sorry im kinda new…

Also Kim Possible is already confirmed and ready to be released. No need for Kim Possible concepts from here on out. But then I can not blame you. But the fact that you do not know what a concept is doesn’t mean that the excuse you give can be that you are new here

Wait so kim possible is 100% coming to the game

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@CommanderMickey Yes, from 2 weeks it’s confirmed.

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As long as it’s not the live action

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1 star,10 chips.2 stars,30 chips,3 stars,80 chips .Remember that,@CommanderMickey.

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Thx i will

Whos kim possible?

Someone, who I waiting from end of May :confounded:

This link should help you @King_Gaston_IV

Ok thx ckecked a not very desperate for her

Want spamley only

Actually, if you know or NOT, she’s coming SOMEDAY… to this game.

On Earth