Kingdom Hearts: Seven rays of light, 13 shadows of darkness



”The heart may be weak and sometimes it might even give in. But I’ve learned that deep down, there’s a light the never goes out”
Sora is a front-line damage hero

White Skill: Keyblade Slash
Sora swings his keyblade around hitting the nearest enemies. He swings his blade 10 times, each dealing 5% of the enemies Max HP and more damage the more the skill is leveled up

Green Skill: Give Me Strength
Sora increases attack speed and gives himself 150 energy

Blue Skill: Bond
Sora charms an enemy for 8 seconds. May fail to enemies more than 20 levels ahead of the skill.

Purple Skill: Seal the Evil Out
Sora used his keyblade to lock the portal to the other worlds, stunning enemies for 7 seconds. This may fail if enemies are more than 40 levels more than the skill level.


”A true friend will see you for who you are, no matter the face you wear”
Riku is a front-line control hero

White Skill: Takedown
Riku punches the nearest enemie nocking then back and stunning them

Green Skill: Soul Ester
Riku hits all enemies with his keyblade.

Blue Skill: Summon to Control
Riku summons one heartless to the battlefield. The heartless has its own HP.

Purple Skill: Mirage
Riku uses his keyblade to make one copy of one of his allies. The copy will have slightly weaker stats. He can only do this twice per wave.

The Heartless will look like this:


”Don’t ever forget: wherever you go, I’m always with you”
Kairi is a mid-line damage hero

White Skill: Love
Kairi charms enemies for 7 seconds

Green Skill: Dark Sensor
Kairi dodges an attach every 7 seconds

Blue Skill: Follow the Leader
As Princess of Light, Kairi increases allies’ speed by 100%

Purple Skill: Final Seal
Kairi KO’s the last enemy (when she can)


”Power is born within the heart. When the time is right, you need to look inside yourself… and you’ll find it there”
Aqua is a mid-line support hero

White Skill: Courage
Aqua increases allies’ attack speed and her basic damage increases by 50%

Green Skill: Heal
Aqua heals allies 30% of their max HP

Blue Skill: Despared
When Aqua is KO’ed, she revives into a Heartless (don’t worry she is still your ally)

Purple Skill: Guided Heart
Aqua can’t be charmed


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No, a different company owns the rights 4 kingdom hearts. Same goes 4 marvel & star wars. No Kingdom hearts, no Marvel, & no Star wars. End of discussion.


Don’t even try! SquareEnix might own KH but Disney also owns it! How do you think KH has access to Disney worlds, Disney Ownership!!! Also Nintendo needs Disney’s permission to use Sora for super Smash Bros.


Chill out buddy. Some people want KH, Marvel, & Star Wars in game. But I just have 2 say heck no to them being in the game.They have licenses & Perblue would have to do something if they want KH, Marvel, & Star Wars in the game.


Did you mention me in this post or something @DroneIX how did I get a notification of this topic that I havent seen till now?

Thhese skill sets are kinf cool but they prolly will never make it to the game.


Yeah I did. I needed ur backup to tell him about why KH won’t make it into the game.


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Confession time: I have never watched/played KH :weary:


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Yeah, I’m not a big fan of KH.


What is wrong with thise pictures?? They show his weapon and…I assume she uses magic??


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@Walt_disney_X what is the gist of KH?

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:open_mouth: ooh so she can fly?!? Cool. i like flying! :grin: is she his ship-mate?

Does she die? What happened? Does she do magic?? Does he use magic or just his keyblade?


i wont spoil` watch it i guess


Watch it? Watch it? Is it an anime? Or… Where can I watch it? I have no netflix or Cable…