Kingdom Hearts: Seven rays of light, 13 shadows of darkness


Ok, I`ll be at least alright if KH makes it into Smash Ultimate


dang you looked at the logo best pic i could fine


…Is she his teacher? He looks kinda young that is why I am wondering…


I have no idea bro. Maybe.


Ugh…so curious…imma be right back after a friendly chat with google :grin:


Ok, I also gotta go somewhere.


Hang on…this is just a game??? You want a game added into this game???



yep i do

20 character


but unlikely for any reasons



…ok I seriously doubt I can plat the game…and watching walkthroughs are boring so…ok…


And I have 2 say no. But, if they add at least a Marvel or Star wars character or even both, I’ll be alright with KH being in game.


should i post more good KH screen shots?


they cant add marvel or star wars


Coome on, even if they add those, I will be against this. Adding character s from a game is…no


They what gives the right 4 KH to be in here? Like I said, if at least a Marvel or Star wars character makes in or both franchises, then I’ll consider my mind alright 4 KH. Dosen’t feel right 4 us Marvel & star wars fans to not get wot we want but KH fans get Sora in the game. Dat will just make more people hate DHBM ever more before since 1.7 update. Tearing the fanbase. I’ll get very angry if they add Sora & not even Captain America & Luke Skywalker. Like very mad.


I got a notification that had a pointer and it redirected me here, did you Invite me and Champion David here?


Sure, SquareEnic owns it, and Disney does too, but remember, PerBlue is different from Disney/Pixar.

If you want Sora to be included in the game, PerBlue will have to pay SquareEnic and Disney to be allowed to implement Sora in the game.


thats why im saying it will never happen


Ok you know what? Imma drop this now…we kinda off topic…this poor kid gonna come back and see his post so popular and then realize it all from a debate of KH… :cry:

Sorry in advance…